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FORTNITE EGO and Age Who are you and how do you fit in the tradition of chapter 2

We look at the story between the groups Fortnite Ego and age and suggest how they are presented in Chapter 2

All 27 Characters Locations in Fortnite Season 8 Chapter 2! - Complete Collection Guide
(Credit: Epic Games)

If you have tried to pursue the traditions since the start of CHAPTER 2, which pull through the game, they have certainly seen evidence of the Fortnite ego and age groups and are likely to wonder who are exactly they are and what s going on She. In the course of the ongoing season, we have received evidence of these mysterious beings, and with the arrival of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 we are curious where the story leads next. If you want to know more about Fortnite Age and EGO, we have put together the previously seen and speculated about what could come next for these teams in Fortnite.

What is Fortnite Ego?

Fortnite EGO is a military group introduced in Chapter 2 Season 1 and has members such as Rippley, Cameo, Remedy and 8-Ball. Your logo can be seen in various places on the map, including the Fortnite EGO outpost and a crashed aircraft on an island north of Sweaty Sands. There are also many ego vehicles, suggesting that this group has a great presence in the region (or at least had). There are speculation that ego either defends or tries to get into the secret vault in the mountains south of the Retail Row, and if you turn on the logo, it looks similar to how the vault with mountains above.

What is Fortnite Age?

Fortnite Age is another military group arrived in Chapter 2, Season 1, with members such as Sludge, Chic, Toxin and Scratch. Some of the age characters are reskins of Fortnite EGO members and are unlocked by the conclusion of old ego challenges. Although their logo and their presence on the whole island are not visible, they appear in many of the hidden letters from Fortnite when loading screens. In these screens, age armed forces are often portrayed in the fight against ego, although at that time is not 100% clear who is good and bad – but we are honest, an army of red sludge looks pretty angry!

Fortnite ego and age together connect?

When we approach the end of Chapter 2, Season 1, some of the Fortnite missions have brought a meeting between the ego and the age version of certain characters. The reward for completing these challenges was an additional style of those characters that connect the two, with remedy / toxin and rippley / sludge purple variants, while 8-ball / scratch and CAMEO / chic produced gold versions.

Could this signal the formation of a third neutral power sitting between ego and age and tries to maintain the order between them? Or is this a merger of the two teams to fight another, more dangerous opponent? The answer remains to be seen, but we will know more when Season 2 starts.

Call of Duty Vanguard File sizes should be up to 50 percent smaller than in recent years

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S (collectively, Xbox series X | S), is a line of desktop video consoles developed by Microsoft and the fourth generation of the Xbox console family. The console family, collectively known as Project Scarlett and revealed for the first time at E3 2019, includes the Xbox Series X of High-end, revealed in The Game Awards 2019 and whose name in code is Project Anaconda, and The Xbox Series S of lower cost, announced in September 2020 and whose name in code is Project Lockhart. Both consoles were launched on November 10, 2020.
Both consoles occur to the current Xbox One line, replacing the Badge Xbox One X and Xbox One S Badge models, respectively. Microsoft is prioritizing the performance of the hardware, including compatibility with higher screen resolutions (resolution up to 8k) and frame speeds, real-time ray trace and use of high-speed solid state units to reduce loading times In the Xbox series X. Xbox Series S uses the same CPU, but has a reduced internal GPU, memory and storage, also lacks optical drive.
Microsoft is promoting a player-centered approach for his new hardware, which includes free updates of improved versions of Xbox One games through his Smart Delivery initiative, optimized games for the X series hardware and version compatibility Previous games, drivers and accessories from Xbox. The console takes advantage of your Xbox Game Pass Game Subscription Service, as well as remote games in the cloud on mobile devices through your Xcloud Cloud Game Platform. Also, Microsoft recently registered a new variant of the console, called XS, which is about to be defined by some details of it.

Last year, players on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X / S and PC had to set tremendous file sizes when they wanted to deal with the Call of Duty games. In the meantime, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold was on the PC even the 200 GB brand, while console players had to expect more than 150 GB. If you were also Call of Duty: Warzone on the hard drive, you had to schedule just under 300 GB for both games.

Compact than in recent years

With Call of Duty: Vanguard this should not happen again. As Activision announced in a current Tweet, the installation size of the short-appearing shooter will be clearly smaller than earlier offshoots. Through a new On-Demand Texture Streaming Technology you can save on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X / S and PC up to 50 percent of storage space.

However, those responsible do not want to call any concrete numbers to the respective installation sizes, which is why you still have to wait until more information appears. Nonetheless, it is positive that the developers finally have created hand to significantly reduce file sizes.

Also interesting: Call of Duty Vanguard for PS5 – Details of the dualSense features

Call of Duty: Vanguard will appear on 5 November 2021 for the PlayStation 5, the PlayStation 4, the Xbox Series X / S, the Xbox One and the PC. At the same time, the new Pacific Card for Call of Duty: Warzone will also be published. The new gene version of the Battle Royale shooter, on the other hand, has not received an appointment yet.

Good News for Hard Drives Everywhere: Vanguard s Install Size at Launch wants BE Significantly Below Previous callofduty Releases.

New On-Demand Texture Streaming Tech Expected to Save Up to 30% -50% + On Next Gen Console and PC Hard Drive Disk Space ????

Evolution of Call of Duty Games 2003-2020

  • Call of Duty (@Callofduty) October 26, 2021

Further news about Call of Duty: Vanguard.

CSGO The Major does not let coaches interact a lot with their players

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: Go) is a first-person shooting video game developed by Valve Corporation in cooperation with Hidden Path Entertainment, and is the fourth game of the Counter-Strike saga, not counting counter-strike: online. It was launched as Beta to the market on August 21, 2012 for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Xbox 360 platforms, while suffered a delay in PlayStation 3. Subsequently, the Linux version was available to the public on September 22, 2014.
Global Offensive arranged an accessible beta only by invitation in Steam, at the time the PC Gamer magazine announced that the videogame would be officially launched on August 21, 2012 at a price of € 10.99, although now it is free. Thanks to this, your players base increased from 20 to 45 million, making it resumed its place within the most played games of the last 10 years.
According to developers, the game has the same mechanics as its predecessors, although with some new game modes, and does not allow the evolution of the characters thanks to hours of play (as happens in the Call of Duty or Battlefield games), only It is necessary to be skillful. It is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Steamos, XBOX360 and PlayStation 3, Xbox One. The version for PlayStation 3 supports Dualshock 3, PlayStation Move or USB keyboard and mouse.
On August 26, 2011, a trailer and a video in which some of the novelties were shown.
On November 30, 2011, the closed beta was launched for its tests, with two maps available Dust and Dust 2 along with eight models of weapons. This closed beta was only available for 10,000 people who obtained a key on video game conventions where Valve distributed them.
On August 23, 2012, the story of Steam was launched that the game could be acquired through the Internet for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The game is focused mainly on competitive mode. The most important tournaments of video game video games such as the ESWC and the Copenhague Games accepted CS: Go as a new game and withdrew Counter-Strike: Source and, finally, also to Counter-Strike 1.6, after participating by more of ten years in the tournaments. These tournaments reward the winners with prizes of more than € 50000.
In the presentation of the game in China in 2017 it was announced that the game would have the new VALVE graphic engine, Source 2, which is only implemented in Panorama (the current graphic interface of the game).
On December 6, 2018, Valve announced one of the greatest Updates of CS: GO in recent years: Danger Zone. This brought with it the departure of the new game of Battle Royale game, and the videogame would become free. All those users who had purchased the game before Danger Zone departure, received the commemorative medal of loyalty. The players of CS: Go were now dividing in two large groups, on the one hand, and by others, not prime, so that they did not join the previous players with the new ones, which were mostly Cheaters and Smurfs. This made players who wish to try the game will take a great disappointment due to the bad taste of the game experience. For many months, Valve received numerous criticisms from the community, because new users could acquire the prime state freely reached level 21.

The Major of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gave the surprise with a rule that puts in a complicated situation to the coaches. Although a few days ago it was not mandatory, Danny Zonic Sørensen shared that there can no longer be contact with the players or screams during the games.

It is not a rule that emerged on October 29. It seems that it was already in the guidelines of the Major of Stockholm, but it was not reinforced in the first days of the Challengers phase. However, Valve asked not to ignore. What explains the curious interaction of Nikola Legija Ninić, Big coach, with Johannes Tabsen Wodarz.

Top 10 Most legendary CS:GO voice comms

The screenshot of Zonic Plags that No coach can have physical contact with players : Only in tactical pauses. In the same way, they can not scream things because otherwise they should leave the game room. What is translated in a few celebrations together after winning some rounds.

The coaches no longer have the same degree of interaction with their players who before. They can only talk along the four pauses that correspond to them. Added to this, no previous competence had incidents by physical contact or shout at celebrations, in fact, it is not a rule that is in the circuit of CS: Go. So some figures like Rémy XTQZZZ Quoniam from Team Vitality and Luis Peacemaker Tadeu de Complexity Gaming did not hesitate to launch criticism.

Next to the complaints, there were also comments that understand Valve s decision. Recently, CS: Go had a scandal due to a bug in the spectator mode. Several coaches abused him and received the corresponding sanction. Then, to avoid being able to lack respect for the competition, the interactions between technical body and players were limited.

At the time of publishing the note, the Major de Cs: Go will continue with the rest of your days without changes in your guidelines for coaches.

CSGO The new fashion hack between the cheats that can be expelling from the server

Regardless of what the developers do, the cheats always go one step ahead. Even if Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has tried to limit these practices, renouncing the FREE to PLAY model with all the inconveniences that this supposes, some players of the Tactical Shooter of Valve have found a new way of cheating. A system until now unprecedented capable of being even more frustrating than the above that allows you to expel the rest of the server players.

A new trap that has impressed the CS community: Go

The discovery shared it with the community a player who met the situation while manually reviewed a case with the overwatch tool. Thus, it realized as in all rounds the players of both teams were mysteriously disconnected being only the suspect that could be kept on the play server. Thus, he could add as many to eliminate the rivals by a 16-0 victory.

In the same entrance of the forums in which this situation was denounced, other users claimed to have suffered similar problems while playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive over the past few weeks. An incidence that without being as high as to have become an endemic problem, if it is capable of completely break a game or until we believe we suffer connection problems when, in reality, it is a single player responsible for Expel us from it.

Valve should take action quickly as it is a very important security failure of its systems. Fortunately, the method to carry out this practice is not too popular and does not have a lot of use either. Any player who uses him will end up exposed to the voting of the CS: Go community, and it will be very difficult for someone to not vote for the guilt of him beyond all reasonable doubt


LOL BROKEN BLADE puts direction to the top lane of G2 ESPORTS by rumors

The Liverpool Football Club (pronunciation in English: / lɪvərpul fʊtbɔl KLʌB /) is a professional football club based in Liverpool, England, which disputes the Premier League, maximum football competition in that country. It was officially registered as a soccer club by John Holding on June 6, 1892, although it was originally named Everton F.C. and Athletic Grounds Ltd »Before the English Soccer Association. In 1893 he joined the Football League. While he won his first league title in 1901, he was during the 1970s and 1980 when the institution, under the first technical driving of Bill Shankly and after Bob Paisley obtained seven international titles and eleven league championships. He was a founding member of the Premier League in 1992 and group G-14. Its distinctive colors are historically red – for which they receive the appellate of The Reds – and to a lesser extent the target. It disputes its official location at the Anfield Stadium.

It is the English club with the highest number of international titles, with a World Cup of FIFA Clubs, six cups of Europe, three UEFA cups and four UEFA supercopes. At the national level, he has won nineteen league titles, seven glasses of England, eight league glasses, – with the team that has earned this competition-fifteen Community Shields and a league supercup. Likewise, with a total of sixty-four official titles is the second most laureate English club.
It is considered one of the most popular clubs in England and the world; It is also the ninth with a greater amount of income to 2014, with an annual profit of € 306 million. It was qualified by the Forbes magazine as the eighth football club most valued in the world in 2015, with a total sum of $ 982 million. Its main rivalries are with Everton, with whom Derbi de Merseyside disputes, and with Manchester United Football Club, whose parties with each other are referred to as the Northwest Derbi of England.
Along with Manchester United are the only teams throughout the UK that belong to the group of the only 29 clubs in the world who have won the maximum football club championship worldwide, when on December 21, 2019 champion of The World Cup of FIFA Clubs disputed in Tasting, by defeating the representative of the Copa Libertadores of America: the Flamengo of Brazil, by 1-0 at the Khalifa International Stadium.

His fans were involved in two tragedies. The first was Heysel tragedy in 1985, when 39 people – the majority amateurs of Juventus- died because of the incidents caused by the English hooligans at the Heysel Stadium, and in 1989 in Sheffield, when 96 people perished as a result of a result of a Bad organization in the accesses to the Hillsborough Stadium stands. His anthem is You ll Never Walk Alone.

The Transfer Market of the Western League of Legends does not stop moving and this time seems to be a secret to voices. JAXONMVP has informed that BROKEN BLADE would have reached a verbal agreement with G2 ESPORTS to play in the top lane of the samurais next season. After a year at SCHALKE 04 Where your enormous level was eclipsed by the bad form of the team as a whole, you will have the opportunity to be much more relevant in your position than what it was in the German set, since You will have Jankos and Caps at his side to help him at all times.

Sergen Broken Blade Çelik will reach the rows of a G2 ESPORTS fully remodeled, and that will be a team that will be built around the Midlaner of him, Rasmus Caps Borregaard to try Lelgo to the World glory next year. The Toplaner Turkish will be the replacement of Martin Wunder Nordahl, which has been a ballast for the ocelot this season and that has shown a temperament and attitude out of place on numerous occasions in recent months, so this Change was more than necessary for the Template success in future competitions.

Thus, G2 ESPORTS confirms the first piece, which although it was a secret to voices, had not yet been talked about a verbal agreement for both parties so it is good news for the club fans of origin Spanish. Knowing and those who will be in the upper area of ​​the map, it remains to know yet who will be the two players who cover the Void of Rekkles and Mikyx in the botlane. The answer is still a unknown, but it is expected that Two great ERL jewels are joined and the future of the lower lane in them, granting them the necessary resources as to have full confidence in their performance in the coming years.

When Does Call Of Duty Vanguard Unlock Pre

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold was a first-person shooter video game developed by Treyarch and Raven software published by Activision. It is the sixth part of the Call of Duty: World At War Starting Black Ops series and the seventeenth part of the entire call-of-duty series. As a direct continuation of Call of Duty: Black Ops Black Ops Cold was published on November 13, 2020.

Call of Duty: Vanguard is releasing soon, and also it s readied to be among the extremely biggest game launches for 2021. As a result of game pre-loading, you can now start playing games the 2nd they release, and in the case of Call of Duty: Vanguard, we have that local time. So, when does Call of Duty: Vanguard unlock so you can experience its WW2 campaign and also head into on the internet multiplayer? Fortunately, it s not a very difficult release timetable.

Call of Duty: Vanguard Unlock Time

Based upon the game s launch trailer, which features a little number from axeman Jack White, we understand that in North America, Call of Duty: Vanguard will certainly unlock on November 4 at 9 PM PT, which is midnight ET on November 5. You ll desire to make certain you have actually pre-downloaded the game on your platform of option prior to that if you purchased a digital variation. According to CharlieIntel, the computer version will be a worldwide launch, while other regions will see the console variations launch at midnight local time.

How To Pre Download Vanguard Beta On Xbox and PC RIGHT NOW! // Series X|S Call Of Duty: Vanguard
Call of Duty: Vanguard Pre-Loading

Preloading is real-time across all platforms other than computer, but it will certainly begin for that system on November 2. Those with electronic preorders ought to be able to download it right now.

On Xbox Series X|S, you can pre-download the video game even if you are preparing on acquiring the disc. To do this, go to the main Xbox app on your phone or tablet computer as well as pick the download to gaming console choice. This will mount the file to your system and eliminate needing to install it from the disc, though you will certainly still require to place the disc in at launch to play– so you likely will not have the ability to start it simply as those with an electronic copy do.

Call of Duty: Vanguard will be offered on Xbox Collection X|S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, and PC. Because it supports both cross-play and cross-progression, you ll have the ability to have fun with your close friends on several platforms right when it opens.

PSO2 New Genesis will get a new addition with a desert region

Development of Phantasy Star online 2: New Genesis moved from the hooves. After adding a new class to the game – Bouncer (we wrote about independent), Sega has just announced a great addition to his game.

Although we do not know this extension yet, it is known what will contain.

The new region RET, which will match the current continent and contained everything we need at this point: or a new feature thread, new tasks, new monsters, new bosses, etc.

RET is to stand out with a desert landscape. A few pictures:

Phantasy Star online 2: New Genesis started at the beginning of June. The game met with a moderate reception, but not because of playability (this is high), but because of the poor Content, which ends after several decades.

That is why the newly announced addition is a kind of salvation for New Genesis. We hope that it will go to the game according to the plan, i.e. in the second half of November.

Weird Structures Inside New Genesis' Desert Region
You play hereDevelopment of Phantasy Starr online 2: New Genesis moved from the hooves. After adding a new class to the game – Bouncer (we wrote about independent), Sega has just announced a great addition to his game.

Although we do not know this extension yet, it is known what will contain.

The new region RET, which will match the current continent and contained everything we need at this point: or a new feature thread, new tasks, new monsters, new bosses, etc.

RET is to stand out with a desert landscape. A few pictures:

Phantasy Star online 2: New Genesis started at the beginning of June. The game met with a moderate reception, but not because of playability (this is high), but because of the poor Content, which ends after several decades.

That is why the newly announced addition is a kind of salvation for New Genesis. We hope that it will go to the game according to the plan, i.e. in the second half of November.

You play here.

Series A Post by Jose Mourinho goes viral Roma

FIFA Manager (abbreviated: FIFAM) is the name of a series of football management video games developed by Bright Future GmbH (in earlier versions of EA SSC Napolis) and published by Electronic Arts. The game was called Total Club Manager (abbreviated: TCM), until the name changed to FIFA Manager with FIFAM 06.
Before FIFAM and TCM, EA SSC Napolis launched FIFA Soccer Manager (1997) and The F.A. Premier League Football Manager 99, 2000, 2001 and 2002, but while the first managed to attract little attention, later they were released when the Game Management Market for Championship Titles was no existing point, and, after Two successful titles, was abandoned.
However, by the year 2001, several workers from the German house of Software Ascaron, who developed the very popular series Anstossen in the past, moved to EA, and the first game, Fussball Manager 2002, was released only in Germany, as A test for a possible series. Similar to Anstoss 3, although in a more serious tone (in the Astost players could be abducted by aliens, the train in the area 51 or use drugs to improve performance) and fewer financial options (managers developed by German teams tended Include financial depth options, such as actions and real estate markets), the game had positive comments, and one year later the Total Club Manager 2003 was released, with Bobby Robson on the cover (for the second time, after FIFA Soccer Manager ).
Some fans managed to control the Games in TCM 2003 by piracy Configuration files, but data loss and corruption was frequent. The cover of the 2004 MTC was the coach of Celtic Martin O Neill. Criticized by a confused interface, EA is reworked for TCM 2005, with a more elegant design. Champion of Europe with FC Porto and Extraining Chelsea Football Club, José Mourinho was chosen for the main deck.
While the MTC has been released for PC, Xbox and PlayStation 2, FIFAM is only available for PC. The PS2 and Xbox versions of the game have been developed for EA Canada by Budcat Creations.
On November 25, 2013 Gerarld Köhler, founder and designer of mythical saga, reported through a statement that FIFA Manager 14 will be the last installment of the saga of the soccer simulator launched by EA SSC Napolis,.

José Mourinho has back his humor. After his red card in the series A-top game against SSC Napoli, the Star coach of AS Roma posted a photo on Wednesday evening at Instagram, which went viral within a short time.

Jose Mourinho went crazy celebrating Roma's 91st min winner in his 1000th game in management

Mourinho has more than turbulent days behind. After the 1: 6-Blamage in the Conference League at the FK Bodo / Glimt and his place of space for meckern at the 0: 0 against the leaders from Naples, his team finally returned to the track on Wednesday.

The capital closed closed at Cagliari Calcio a 0-1 residue thanks to the gates of Ibanez (71.) and Pellegrini (78.) and thus continues to rank four place in the table. It was the first three points after last three lots without victory.

In Cagliari, however, Mourinho was not allowed to stand on the sideline due to its recent place reference. Also, he was not allowed to go to his players in the cabin. Of course, the Portuguese was still traveling to Sardinia to prepare his team on the away game.

Mourinho enjoys: Game is over… Three points… good food

Since he also remained denies access to the player s cabin after the game, Mourinho had to take his dinner outside. Game is finished… Three points… good food (I can not go to the cabin) and another young, Felix Afena-Gyan, wrote the 58-year-old with Instagram under a picture that him on a barren Stone staircase sitting in dinner. Within less hours, the postal favored over 450,000 users. Mou had helped aftena-Gyan to his professional debut.

It is not the first time that Mourinho gives himself informal in the social media. At the end of August he released a video at Instagram, which shows him after the 4-0 victory at US Salernitana on the return journey on the train during pizza.

José Mourinho was changing to As Roma in the summer, where he started succession from Paulo Fonseca.

Free Bugsnax The Island Of Bigsnax Update Releases In Early 2022

PlayStation s October 2021 State of Play showcase revealed the free Bugsnax update coming to PS5 and PS4 in early 2022 called The Isle of Bigsnax.

The update features gigantic snack animals called Bigsnax, and also yes, that implies there will be huge Bunger Snax also. The story will certainly still happen on Snaktooth island, yet it centers around the recently found Bigsnax that are a primitive types that was protected in the sea. There will certainly be a brand-new harmful exploration to embark on.

Extra updates allow you accumulate decorations and personalize your hut on the in and out. You can access obstacles via your mail box and also even place all type of hats on every one of the Snax.

Feyenoord manager occurs after threats

After several attacks and threats of fans of the Dutch football first division Feyenoord Rotterdam, GeneralManager Mark Koevermans returns to December 1st. This was announced by the club on Wednesday on his homepage.

The 53-year-old former tennis professional has been working in various features for Feyenoord since 2009. It hurts to make this decision. But I think it s the best, wrote Koevermans.

In September, the slices of his residential building were taken and the front door paved. The perpetrators not yet determined are attributed to the hard core of the trailer. Koevermans was threatened several times. Feyenoord s Board also confirmed that because of the incidents, a potential club sponsor has not signed a signature tire contract and withdrawn.

The Dutch Football Association KNVB reacted in a statement on KoeverMan s withdrawal announcement. The KNVB supported Koevermans, regret his resignation and condemn the violence, said it was in a message.

The new KNVB Director Marianne Van Leeuwen, which is responsible for the professional football, has contacted the Ministry of Security and Justice in the Hague on Wednesday. She stated that the State Institutions in cooperation with KNVB will soon be adopted new measures to combat violence in football.

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