The latest News and filtrations on Twitch are leaving very touched to the platform . While it is still a giant that will last for a long time, it is going through one of its worst moments in terms of brand quality, causing that the most direct competition begins to emerge Little by little depths to hit it of Talonario to Stars of the Platform. But this does not come from now, but for quite some time just that the bubble has been inflating during the last months.

El Ban a Dr Disrespect, the beginning of the end

We have to Retotrate to 2020 ; Specifically on June 26 when the famous streamer and media figure DR disrespect would end up Baneado for life by Twitch , the strangest thing about everything? Nobody knew why , not even Streamer himself had an idea of ​​how to return to the platform. That s when YouTube knocked on the door of him and offered him a fairly succulent contract to make him direct on the old reliable. At that time, YouTube walked to fall layer due to famous adpocalipse that caused the stampening of all the influencers to the purple platform, which is now in a similar situation.

After all this, Disrespect commented on a live a few months ago that he had begun to commit legal actions against Twitch as a result of BAN received. The main difference is that he now knows the reason for him, so it is likely that the lawsuit comes from that veto. That is when Twitch began to be much more cautious and severe with his workers: Prohibition of music with copyright, lowered subscriptions, tougher punishments for the banners, the raids hate, among many other things.

Streamers being slaves of his work

The platform is being increasingly abusive with its customers , almost forcing them to fulfill a inhuman hour series so that they do not remain without that benefit for subscriptions at a lower price. Now the question is easy, Is it currently profitable to earn a living as streamer with lower subscribers? For example, someone who can win 800 euros making direct, but has to meet some 60 hours per week so you can opt for This help This translates to almost 9 hours a day during every day of the week without rest.

I want to highlight on this the last stretch of the podcast of me, an internet last Monday with the srteamer iluan, since they talked about this kind of situations (2:09:30). People are literally slave to their work , with almost obligation to direct almost 12 hours a day in some situations to earn less than someone who works from delivery or mechanic for 8 hours a day. And yes, being streamer has a lot of advantages, but until what extent we are able to endure all this physical and mental work?

Is here when YouTube has begun to be around in the head of many streamers as a viable option to make direct. Several rumors point to the platform of Google has planned a service like Twitch Prime for That they are united influencers that arrive at the service see that it is viable to work dignified without having to spend almost all day in front of the screen trying to entertain hundreds of people.

It will be necessary to see if more services begin to appear than are viable and can make it direct competence to the purple platform , with exclusive advantages or an intuitive and striking interface that attracts a teenage audience. We hope that the working conditions of people who want to dedicate to streaming, at least, just as worthy that for the great Titans of the current entertainment .