Yesterday, we had reported a huge leak at the Streaming Platform Twitch, where numerous sensitive data had reached the public. Among other things, the complete source code of Twitch, to find information on the disbursements to the streamers and the clients for mobile, desktop and console below. This logically caused a sensation of a sensation and above all for displeasure and a sense of uncertainty in the users. Meanwhile, some security experts have come to the topic and beat their hands together over their heads. Above all, Archie Agarwal, the managing director of the security company Threat Modeler, shows stunned.

To read from a data leak, which includes the complete source code, unpublished software, SDKs, financial reports and internal red teaming tools, even shudder experienced security professionals. Worse can not come. The first question that in everyone in must come the head, is how about everything in the world can someone extract 125 GB from the most sensitive data without triggering a single alarm? This will have some very unpleasant questions.

Most of his colleagues were shaken due to the great leak in the same dimensions. So Jonathan Knudsen from Synopsys Software Integrity Group told himself and also showed himself worried.

Whatever Twitch has done for the app security, you have to double your efforts. (…) Twitch must bring his app security to the next level. You need to find and close security gaps before someone else creates.

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According to Twitch, the internal investigations are currently in full swing. So far, the exact cause of the incident is unknown, and it can be assumed that it will take some time until everything is completely elucidated.

Source: Threat s mail

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