The PlayStation 5 has still failed to store the PlayStation 5 due to the current market situation and online also the situation does not necessarily look better. If you do not want to fall into the mud battles at Amazon, Mediamarkt, Saturn and Co. and pretend anyway for a new electricity provider anyway, then you should see this offer more closely.

Yello wants to encourage you to complete a power contract and offers as an addition one of the coveted consoles including one year PS plus for 199 euros. At the PlayStation 5 (Buy Now 624.90 €) is the more expensive variant with disk drive, which is usually more expensive with an EIA of 499.99 euros.

So you secure the PS5 for 199 euros

The cheap PS5 is available as a driving input either to a current or a gas tariff. Whether the offer is worthwhile for you depends on many factors and can not be answered in a flat rate: That depends heavily on which state you live and what you pay for your current electricity provider.

To find out if you benefit from the offer, you preferably offer Yello directly to the necessary data such as state and number of people in your household, making you the site for an approximate price and compare it with your current tariff. Incidentally, the relevant data about the contract at Yello lies as follows:

24 months Price Guarantee: The electricity price remains unchanged for at least 24 months
18 months minimum contract term
100 percent eco flow from Europe
Simple overview of your own consumption through energy-check app KWhApp
Sony PlayStation 5 incl. 1 year PlayStation plus subscription for 199 euros as a premium for electricity or gas tariff

One and a half years you are bound to Yello, but this is not a unusual runtime for electricity contracts. Counterprises with the saved value of the PS5 is worthwhile in any case, after all, 360 euros savings at first glance are a tempting offer (300 euros less than the new purchase of the console + 60 euros for one year PS plus).

Even if you do not save any money in the end, because the cheaper PS5 is killed through the more expensive electricity tariff, the currently hardly available console tempts. Generally, Yello is cost-technically in the midfield, but at least provides 100% eco-electricity produced in Europe. The bad conscience in power consumption of the PlayStation makes you right now.

Who makes the whole thing for a supplier change too annoying: Yello takes over the termination with your current provider, should you wish. The console does not only exist in the active change, but within four weeks as soon as you receive your contract confirmation and transferred the additional payment of 199 euros.

Source: Yello

From Jonas Höger
13.10.2021 at 17:47