In the course of the action Bring Home The Bounty fans are lined with new products around Star Wars until the end of the year. A picture gallery gives a preview of what awaits us in the respective week. The pictogram of December 14 shows a video game controller and thus hope for the revelation of a new game from the Star Wars Universe.
A roadmap tells us what Disney has planned everything so planned Source: Disney / Lucasfilm so far is not known yet, whether it could be a completely new game or a new edition, as it was at Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, short Kotor, the case is. This classic should eventually appear as a new edition for PC and PS5. Furthermore, the original Kotor should appear as a port for the Nintendo Switch.

In addition to the possible upcoming unveiling of a new game in the week ten, Disney offers many more products on the occasion of the soon ending 50th anniversary of Lucasfilm. This week, for example, there are special action figures, including the Mandalorians from the Disney Series of the same name The Mandalorian . In addition, there is a special sunglass collection and suitable for the month also several Halloween pajamas from the Star Wars Universe. If you want to view all products in peace, you can stop by the official website.

Bring You Home - Gameplay Walkthrough  - All Levels (iOS, Android)
Source: Star Wars Blog

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14.10.2021 at 14:25