For Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis, new content is available in the form of a new class, a new game-based reward system and a new final challenge. There are also news about the Bouncer class, to learn the mission fun and Battledia.

The Bouncer class is now available in Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis. This is a rink class that uses soaring blades and jet boots as weapons:

jet boots

Jet Boots are a unique weapon in Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis, as it is the only weapon type to have the element of any technique to create an additional, elementary attack – this depends on whether the bouncer is the classicity Jet boots element Set has chosen in his skill tree.

The photon arts of Jet boots are also unique. Particularly noteworthy is the Spinning Gust , which allows forward movement in conjunction with a vertical rotation to attack a single opponent. This ability can be strengthened so that the bouncer can surprise the opponent with a strong roundhouse kick as a finishing move.


Soaring Blades, a melee weapon, allows a variety of attacks both with physical blades and with the photon blades that you can spin. By pressing the PA button again during the use of a soaring blade photon type, the shape of the attack can be changed. These Variant Attacks still allow unobstructed movement and are easy to use in the air.

Photon blades are used with the weapon action gliding blades. This is a remote attack that is useful to press the enemy under pressure while repositioning itself on the field. If the BOUNCER has learned the classicity Photonenklingen-PP recovery , the PP of the bouncer is restored with embedded photon blades on normal attacks on enemies with embedded photon blades.

Lowness of opponents with downs

The bouncer can contribute faster than other classes to physical and elemental downs of strong opponents. These occur if the player continuously harms certain weaknesses of the opponent, and elementary-downs occur when repeated attacks that correspond to the elementary weakness of the opponent.

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Depending on the type of opponent, it is weakened or stunned, so that the player can inflict serious damage while he is depressed. The Bouncer is the only class that can run attacks that allow the opponent s down factor to rise faster.

This is achieved by the classicity elemental decline , which increases the speed with which the elementary decline of an opponent accumulates, as well as by the skill physical decline , which increases the speed with which the physical decline factor of an opponent accumulates. Therefore, this class is very popular with other players due to this coveted ability.

Mission fun NGS Season 1

The mission fun NGS is a reward system that gives players the opportunity to earn cosmetic and useful objects by fulfilling tasks in the game. Mission Pass NGS Season 1 will be available until 10th November. Every season there is a new selection of cosmetics and rewards, so ensures that you stay active in New Genesis, so you miss nothing!

The mission fun includes 30 levels, or points where rewards are offered, starting with level 1. Those who purchase an N-Mission Gold Pass – a log-in reward from October 13 to November 2 or the SG Shop Or AC Shop – have access to gold rewards. You can achieve new levels by receiving your stars that you receive for fulfilling various daily and weekly tasks in the game.

Battledia quests

The mission sentence is not the only thing that celebrates its debut in New Genesis, because with this update, a new kind of final challenge will also be introduced: yellow and purple battledia quests. Battledia can be completed in groups of up to 4 players and are therefore ideal for those who want to play with friends or members of the Alliance.

Batteldia: Yellow are training facilities accessible with a B-trigger / ael yellow key on a trigger portal. You can collect experience (EXP) while you earn in Battledia: Yellow, but not when the enemies run, but at once the quest is completed.

Battledia: Purple need a B-trigger / ael purple key to enter it. Mighty enemies appear, and the reward depends on how many of them are defeated within the time limit. The rewards can belong to mighty augments that can enable their equipment, or even rare weapons and armaments.