Each time you have accessibility options in the world of video games, which leads us to also be included in Streamings of ESPORTS . The last one in this area has been the movement of a Chinese streaming channel, which will make use of signs language and an artificial intelligence to facilitate the understanding of the deaf spectators during the World Championship of League of Legends

Taking into account the speed with which ESPORT commentators speak, it is clear that these elements will be the most professional . Since, as the analyst Daniel Ahmad on Twitter publishes, we will have a professional who will translate everything that is mentioned to Sign language with a remarkable speed, while the AI ​​will do the same as the voice of The announcers in written words .

The analyst also includes data from the Chinese Federation of Disabled People, since the country has some 30 million people with hearing problems. A figure that, although he does not consider the number of players of League of Legends with this disability, gives the guideline of what is necessary for this kind of measurements. So it is very likely that in the next world game tournament, a good handful of Chinese spectators will join.

This kind of initiatives are every time more common in the field of video games, because a database that classifies accessibility in the Games has recently released, for an example. In addition, companies have also been aware, something we have been able to see with the EA proposal that their accessibility technologies are free or with the Xbox Adaptive Controller of Microsoft, a customizable control for people with difficulties. In short, ideas that allow more people to enjoy videogames.