Xbox Game Pass es un servicio de suscripción desarrollado por Microsoft para usar con las consolas de videojuegos Xbox One y Xbox Series X|S, y con computadoras personales con Windows 10. Descrito como el Netflix de los videojuegos ,[1]​ el Xbox Game Pass permite a los usuarios acceder a un catálogo de juegos de diversas editoriales por un único precio de suscripción mensual. El servicio se lanzó el 1 de junio de 2017, mientras que los suscriptores de Xbox Live Gold recibieron acceso prioritario el 24 de mayo.

While many new competitors enter the game streaming service, Samsung has canceled PlayGalaxy. Samsung and Microsoft have recently decided to associate game streaming and this cancellation could be part of a change of brand or maybe the games offered by Samsung on PlayGalaxy will become available on Xbox Game Pass a day. Players will only enjoy the PC and the mobile streaming service of Samsung cloud games only for about a week before disconnecting. Due to the collaboration with Microsoft, PlayGalaxy fans may want to discover Game Pass Ultimate for PC and Xbox, with the XCloud project now deployed in various countries.

After many difficult discussions, Playgalaxy Link will end on March 27, 2020 due to changes in internal policy, said Samsung in their recent announcement that stole under the radar. Apparently, by removing the resources of the game streaming service in the cloud, Samsung said it will allow our development organization to focus more effectively and add value to the next version of the new product . Although their service is disappearing, we can not wait to see how Samsung will add the streaming of Microsoft cloud games in the future.

Playgalaxy is released in beta about four months ago, it is unlikely that they have a dedicated players base, but anyone participating in the beta will only have a few days to enjoy it before that he disappears. The service only supports Galaxy brand handsets, making it a bit of a niche platform. Samsung did not specify to what product they move the resources of the PLAYGALAXY platform, but we expect to hear an explanation in the near future.

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Source: GameSpot