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Unfortunately, the Crunch is a practice that, from both as long as the covers of the media specialized in videogames. And the months of pandemic so only have aggravated this kind of situations , since a survey has compiled the experiences of hundreds of videogame developers and has taken the light that the confinement has increased the cases of crunch .

78% of respondents positively think about joining a union This statement arises from the aforementioned survey carried out by the IGDA group, where issues related to the video game developer experience have been touched in Kingdom United such as the rate of production or solving problems at work. In this sense, the IGDA specialists ensure that the cases of Crunch have been folded and, consequently, has been broken the annual progress that was observed.

Remote work and mental challenges have derived launch delays According to the Executive Director of IGDA, Renee Gittins, this recent loss of progress compared to the past trend of the decrease in Crunch year after year is probably caused For inefficiencies and delays caused by work from home and the challenges in mental health caused by the pandemic . A phenomenon that has led many developers consider joining national unions .

As reflected by the survey data, 12% developers are enrolled in a union, something that doubles the figure collected last year. In addition, this also allows the workers to be reflected, since the 78% of the respondents thought positively on the idea of ​​a national union, a number that has grown compared to 56% registered in 2014. And, although the sector seems Wanting to address the problem of the crunch, still does not find a solution that works generally, as they think from Naughty Dog.

In short, one more sample impact of the pandemic in the daily life of society, which has aggravated an existing crunch in the videogame industry. At the moment, the pandemic has not finished completely, and developers suffer some negative practices in the sector as the absence of their names in the credits of some titles, a case that has happened at the offices of Mercury Steam With the release of Metroid Dread. Perhaps, with this kind of complaints, the industry can recover itself in the future.