The Association formed by Gerard Piqué and Ibai Llanos promises to become one of the great incentives to follow the Superliga de League of Legends next season. Two first-class personalities that have been associated to found their own club and that they already prepare a presentation over high. However, they are much more than lights and artifice: their first movements in the signing market are filtering little by little and at the moment they are more than acceptable.

RAFITTA, the second possible signing of the new equipment

To the information about the signing of Koldo and the first rumors about the possible arrival of Rhukz to the team, now the possible incorporation of RAFITTA has now joined. The Spanish shooter would complete the minimum of national players and would arrive at the Ibai and Piqué team from UCAM. In university discipline has set up a great season in both the superliga and in the European Masters , having been able to achieve its first national champion title in the spring season.

What The Hell Happened To Gerard Piqué?
So far, the new club has not yet confirmed this information arrival from lec wooloo , who has a good record when confirming signings both at European level and in national leagues. Perhaps those responsible for the set are waiting for that longed to present the team to organize an event for everything high in which it is also confirmed what five players will form the template.

The Superliga de League of Legends will begin next January with important additions. To date, too many movements have been confirmed officially, but it is expected that as the start date of the competition approaches, there are more clubs that present collaborations or associations. Even the F.C. Barcelona has sounded as a candidate to participate in the league, and La Dupla formed by Ibai and Piqué could find a lot of competition.