The Best Book of Counter-Strike Stockholm: Global Offensive is a days to start. However, Virtus.Pro gave the surprise when changing its last second holder alignment, losing 20 RMR points in the process. The decision does not respond to the pandemic of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) or visa problems: there was simply an opportunity to compete with the new set.

As we know, Major competitions sanction changes to just days that they begin. This is why Virtus.Pro lowered position in the RMR dot table, slightly affecting the organization of some confrontations of the inaugural date. Although it is not a severe fit, Big will have a different rival, just like Pain Gaming. The parties of October 26 were in the following way:

The Most OFFENSIVE Video Game Ever

Astralis vs. Copenhagen Flames
FAZE CLAN VS. Team Spirit.
Even vs. Godsent vs. Pain Gaming.
Big vs. Entropiq.
Movistar Riders vs. Renegades
Heroic vs. Tyloo.
Mouz vs. Sharks Esports

The start hours of each meeting are maintained. As regards Virtus.Pro, you will be with Evgeny FL1T Lebedev instead of Sanji Sanji Kuliev . Sergey Glamazda, executive director of the organization, gave more details about the change. The most striking is that possibly flit take the play of Sanji from the next tournaments. Virtus.Pro has not yet been assured with respect to his CS: Go team, so this experiment will be key to defining the course he will take for next year.

About why he decided to call Flit instead of Sanji, with whom they classified Stockholm, glamazda said that was an opportunity that was presented . However, he was also grateful to Sanji s work in recent months, but he believes that this change will help improve the latest records.

The Major of Stockholm of CS: Go is organized by PGL, offering 2 MDD in prizes. It also grants ESL and BLAST PREMIER points. It will take place from October 26 to November 7, starting with the phase of New Challengers .