Movistar Riders vs G2 | IEM Fall 2021 G2 | 5ยบ puesto
One of the historical concessions of Valve to players who dispute the great tournaments of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the creation of a personalized cosmetic. A autograph in the form of sticker that can be obtained in its corresponding capsules or by direct purchase in the community market and with which we can customize any weapon of our arsenal. It is a tradition that has been fulfilled since 2014, but that it has received a painful modification for the next Edition of Stockholm s delmajor .

Movistar Riders players could run out stickers

Although Valve will recognize all clubs that participate in the event and will launch their stickers in the classic normal, foil and holo editions; Player s autographs have been reserved for professionals who reach the eliminatory rounds . That is, only the five members of the staff of the eight best teams in the world will have their own sticker, which can be obtained from the usual ways once the tournament has been completed.

The decision has caused an important disappointment between the players of Movistar Riders and the Spanish community , who hoped to be able to celebrate its historical classification to the most important tournament of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive by customizing its weapons. A small tribute that is subject to the classification of the team to a definitive round that seems very complicated. It will be necessary to play while there is a party: it also seemed impossible to reach the major. It should be noted that, in any case, should be possible to achieve the autographs of the Spanish players through the Souvenir packets.

Movistar Riders will debut in the Major against Renegades next October 26 at 12: 30 in a match that corresponds to the first phase of the competition. To reach the quarterfinals, it should be exceeded a double Swiss format. First in the Aspiring division where the teams with the worst Seeding are the tournament and then in Legends where the great worldwide sets such as G2 Esports, Natus Vincere and Ninjas in Pajamas are already waiting.