At the end of 2021 starts new handheld console with the Team Deck Valves. But how much power is in the device? Meinmmo has regarded the specs of the console.

What is the Steam Deck? With the Steam Deck, Valve had presented a handheld console, which is to transport all the functions of the gaming PC to the handheld. Many fans had celebrated the presentation of Steam Deck as Switch Pro .

But which specifications (SPECs) does the Steam Deck offer at all? Meinmmo explains the specs of the Steam Deck in detail again and explains how much power the console can offer in theory. Meanwhile, there are also first benchmarks. In addition, we compare the Steam Deck with the PS5 and the Xbox Series X.

How the Steam Deck looks from inside, Valve has now also introduced. Theoretically, you can also screw the device apart, but you should not do this:

The processor

What hardware is installed in the Steam Deck? Valve installed in the Steam Deck a special production of AMD, an APU (Accelerated Processing Unit). This is a processor that also brings a graphics chip. APU is a custom name of AMD, in Intel does not exist this name.

The Steam Deck uses a processor with the latest architecture that AMD is currently on the market and that is Zen 2. The CPU is a 4-core processor with 8 threads and the processor clocks 2.4 to 3 , 5 GHz.

What offer PS5 and Xbox? PS5 and Xbox Series X | S use the same ZEN-2 architecture as the Steam Deck. In contrast to the steam deck, the Next-Gen consoles are 8-kerners with 16 threads. The PS5 clocks up to 3.5 GHz and Xbox Series X up to 3.8 GHz.

In direct comparison on the paper, the Steam Deck provides less power with the same system architecture. But that is not surprising because the performance of the Steam Deck is thermally and also limited by the battery. PS5 and Xbox Series X do not have these problems, but are not usable on the way without effort.

The graphics card (GPU)

What hardware is installed in the Steam Deck? The GPU of the Steam Deck is also based on AMD s latest RDNA 2 architecture and has a total of 8 compute units (CUs), which with a variable clock rate of 1 – 1.6 GHz to run. Valve Specifies the performance of the GPUs with about 1.6 teraflops. Teraflops describes the theoretical maximum power on the paper.

Compute Unites (CU) are part of the GPU and are an important component for graphics performance. The more CuS has a graphics card, the more power it offers.

The power is approximately comparable to the PlayStation 4, which is officially at 1.84 Teraflops. You should note that the PS4 is not subject to certain thermal and battery-related restrictions compared to the steam deck.

Whatso PS5 and Xbox? Both PS5 and XBox Series X are both also as the Steam Deck on an APU of AMD, but use RDNA 2 graphics chip to the more modern and faster architecture: While the Steam Deck has only 8 Compute Unites, PS5 and Xbox Series X 36 Compute Unites provide more power than the chip in the steam deck.

The GPU of PS5 promises a theoretical capacity of 10.28 tflops, which is about 6 times as fast as the steam deck. The Xbox Series X offers a little more power with 12.14 tflop.

Although the graphics chip is well below the Next-Gen consoles, it still offers more power than the Nintendo Switch with which the Steam Deck is often compared. The biggest differences between Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch can read here:

In principle, however, it should be clear that the graphics chip of the PS5 and Xbox must handle other things than the steam deck. Because the graphics chip of the Steam Deck does not need to represent full HD or 4K resolution as the PS5 or Xbox Series X. Instead, the resolution in handheld mode is limited to HD (720p). The graphics chip of the Steam Deck must and can not be so powerful as with the Next-Gen consoles.

Random access memory

What hardware is installed in the Steam Deck? The Steam Deck uses a total of 16 GB LPDDR5 memory with a frequency of 5500 MHz.

Valve Steam Deck Spec Analysis: Can It Really Handle AAA PC Gaming?
LPDDR5 was so-called Low Power DDR . This provides the same performance as a normal memory requires only significantly less power. This makes it much better for mobile devices such as smartphones or just the steam deck. Processor as well as graphics card both need to use the memory of the Steam Deck because the graphics chip of the Steam Deck does not have its own dedicated graphics memory as with a normal graphics card.

What offer PS5 and Xbox? PS5 and Xbox Series X also set both to 16 GB of RAM, but set to the faster GDDR6 version. This offers significantly higher memory bandwidths and greater performance than the memory that is installed in the Steam Deck.

Steam Deck: Performance and benchmarks

The hardware of the Steam Deck is based on the HD resolution (720p). The built-in hardware is weaker on the paper as Next-Gen consoles or many modern gaming PCs, but the Steam Deck must also calculate a significantly smaller resolution. Valve also reaffirmed that on the steam deck all your games should run.

How fast is the Steam Deck? Meanwhile there are also first unofficial benchmarks to the Steam Deck. But this performance should be considered with a good portion of skepticism.

Away from these benchmarks, there are currently no comparable hardware from AMD that could be compared to the Steam Deck. The combination of ZEN-2-CPU and RDNA-2-GPU does not exist in this form so far, since AMD sets in its desktop apus on a combination of ZEN-2-CPU and VEGA graphics still on an older technique Based.

What we are sure to know that the theoretical performance of the Steam Deck is 2 Teraflops. The CPU with 448 GFlops and the graphics unit with 1.6 Teraflops together yield the number mentioned.

Here we have to wait for a few more weeks until there are other benchmarks and data about the handheld. Here are currently still many questions open here.

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