Aeterna Noctis - Gameplay Trailer | PS5, PS4

The Sitges Film Festival (Catalan: Event Internacional de Movie Theater Fantàstic de Catalunya) is a Spanish film festival and one of the world s foremost worldwide events concentrating on dream as well as scary films. Developed in 1968, the festival happens each year, typically in very early October, in the seaside town of Sitges, 34 kilometers West-South-West of the city of Barcelona, and is conveniently reachable by train.

PlayStation has published, within the framework of the recent Film Festival of Sitges, a new trailer of AEGERNA NOCTIS , the Metroidvania de Aeternum Game Studios that will be launched at the end of the year within its PlayStation Talents program. You can see it up here.

In the video you see some of the strengths of the game, from your visitor to your personalization system, designed to offer a different experience according to the improvements you apply to your character. In passing, you can see what kind of movement and challenges you want to propose the level design, full of adjusted jumps and action sections.

In total, sixteen zones are spoken of; The emphasis on mobility and combat has to do with the intention of being rather difficult or demanding. It seems an ambitious project for a studio such as Aeternum Game Studios, based on Talavera de la Reina and formed by a group of people who debut after a decade working on development of software and video games.

To publish it, PLAYSTATION is in charge through its Talents program, the initiative through which the multinational promotes emerging studies projects. It comes out in PS4 and PS5, on digital but also in physicist; At the Store de PlayStation it will be available on December 15, but for the box we will have to wait a little more, until next spring.