Unity has committed to completely alleviate carbon emissions to help in the fight against climate change . The effort made by Unity Technologies led him to achieve net carbon dioxide emissions equal to zero, compensating the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere thanks to his policy changes and purchase of carbon credits.

Unity achieved net carbon dioxide emissions equal to zero at 2020 in a Game Developer interview A Jessica Lindl, Vice President of Social Impact and Education, shared that the company has invested around half a million Dollars In carbon compensation for Collateral Benefits to local communities. She also confessed to be considering investment in carbon storage projects.

GWPs, Emission Factors, & Carbon vs. CO2

seek to partner with groups that bet on strategies against climate change on direct measures for emission reduction, Lindl has explained that emissions born from the displacement of employees are a very small part of global, although also They are working so that travel emit less CO2. However, more than 75% of the company s carbon emissions comes from goods used to support the company, Lindl put the example of a printer and the entire process that supposes its manufacture, transport, energy to use it , and confirmed that you are analyzing the entire supply chain for Find ways to make reductions in emissions .

The other great Bet of Unity to alleviate the carbon footprint is Financing align and associating with groups raised a new approach to the industry that goes through environmental protection. A few months ago, in the company there were a series of protests on the part of employees for not knowing what projects they were carrying out for the US Army, and the contract of more than a decade with the army has returned to the forestern , the possibility of cutting ties with those companies or polluting agencies. Lindl recalled that not all the amount of carbon emitted by the army is specific to Unity and insisted that the strategy passes through new associations with climate-centered groups. Unity has also adhered to the SCIENCE BASED TARGETS initiative, focused on businesses that share the goal of helping prevent it from up to 1.5ยบ C global temperature .