The Electronic Entertainment Expo 2015, also known as E3 2015, was the twenty-first edition of the Electronic Entertainment Expo. The E3 is an annual Fair of the Videogames Industry presented by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) and used by many companies to present your video game and your hardware. The event was held from June 10 to 18 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, California. [1] Among the main exhibitors of the Convention were Activision, Atlus, Bethesda, [2] Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Nintendo, Nvidia, Sony, Square Enix [3] and Ubisoft. [4]

The halo Infinite campaign has been seen in a new video through the Xbox channel. It is, of course, the one you have about this paragraph, and arrive more than a year after its first look at that Xbox Games Showcase.

Here is a new look at the Halo Infinite campaign, which presents players the real freedom Spartard in the biggest, more open and full of adventure experience. This is how the video published by Microsoft begins, and it does not take to show it with what is seen in its gameplay .

Halo Infinite - Campaign Overview

Its scenario will be populated by a series of strengths that users will have to destroy in order to control the area and unlock the possibility of generating vehicles from these points. This will help us a map that will also show us our next goals through Zeta Halo. We will be accompanied by The Weapon, the new IA, and our mission will be discovering that it is going through Cortana.

The uses of your hook, as you could have been testing in some of your technical tests, give special game when creating a dynamic experience. From separating the Jackal s shield for a moment until the larger enemies closer to the master chief, going through weapons towards us, climbing to elevated areas or reaching a Banshee that goes over the area. There are many possibilities offered by the new Gadget of the Master Chief, and some players took advantage of betas to squeeze them to the maximum:

They were already warning us that the new 343 will be several times bigger than the last two halo together, although last August they confirmed that we can not explore it cooperatively in its launch.

HALO INFINITE will come out on December 8 for Xbox Series X and S , Xbox One and PC , available at Game Pass from your day of departure.