It is not a way to convert a fashion situation and switch to a gradual daily recovery.

Jung Eun is a common view that includes a multitude of infectious diseases, including a multi-infectious disease experts, such as relaxing the streets. The first reorganization of the stepwise daily recovery in the third day is applied since the next month, and the government is planning to respond in the occurrence of a crisis due to a trendy surge through emergency plan .

Emergency planning fermentation review criteria are ▲ Increase of intensive care, hospitalization ratio of 80% (over 5,000) ▲ Weekly derolor patients and death growth ▲ Fashionable scale and medical system collapse risk.

If you meet the preceding standards, you will decide the central disaster safety measures headquarters that are the main disaster safety measures that are the prime minister of the Daily Recovery Support Committee.

When an emergency action is carried out, the inoculation proof and voice confirmation, which were applied only to some multi-use facilities, such as a nightlife facility, is expanded to multiple multi-use facilities. 1, a private meeting that allowed up to 10 people in the second reorganization is reduced, such as reducing the number of people, and the event size and time are limited.

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In addition, in the infected facility such as a nursing hospital, the immunity is prohibited from the vulnerability facility, and a preemptive diagnosis test for the worker is conducted. Especially, an emergency measure for securing an emergency disease is performed, and the medical system has a performance.

We are considering health efficiency issues, he said.