Regardless of what the developers do, the cheats always go one step ahead. Even if Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has tried to limit these practices, renouncing the FREE to PLAY model with all the inconveniences that this supposes, some players of the Tactical Shooter of Valve have found a new way of cheating. A system until now unprecedented capable of being even more frustrating than the above that allows you to expel the rest of the server players.

A new trap that has impressed the CS community: Go

The discovery shared it with the community a player who met the situation while manually reviewed a case with the overwatch tool. Thus, it realized as in all rounds the players of both teams were mysteriously disconnected being only the suspect that could be kept on the play server. Thus, he could add as many to eliminate the rivals by a 16-0 victory.

In the same entrance of the forums in which this situation was denounced, other users claimed to have suffered similar problems while playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive over the past few weeks. An incidence that without being as high as to have become an endemic problem, if it is capable of completely break a game or until we believe we suffer connection problems when, in reality, it is a single player responsible for Expel us from it.

Valve should take action quickly as it is a very important security failure of its systems. Fortunately, the method to carry out this practice is not too popular and does not have a lot of use either. Any player who uses him will end up exposed to the voting of the CS: Go community, and it will be very difficult for someone to not vote for the guilt of him beyond all reasonable doubt