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The numbers behind Salzburg superiority

Red Bull Salzburg's Scouting System Explained - The Origin of Szoboszlai, Daka, Minamino and Haaland
Although the batteries at Red Bull Salzburg were not fully full, the Bundesliga table reflects a superiority, which is unknowing in Europe. 39 points from 16 games, twelve points ahead of the second, most goals getting at least — already a quick look at the table gives information about how big the lead is on the rest of the home twelve leagues. That this superiority is due to the largest budget and thus the most expensive and most valuable players, every football fan knows. But how does this advantage be held on the field? There are two interesting studies of the Lies, the Center International d’Étude Du Sport, based in Neuchâtel, information.

The ball rolls for the Salzburg

The Lies most recently examined the ball circulation of 654 teams in 40 different countries worldwide and saw Red Bull Salzburg in the top field. 10.9 kilometers, the ball puts back in an average Salzburg game on the pass. This makes the Jaissle-eleven place 16 in this ranking. Number one is not the former Wiki Take World Champion FC Barcelona, ​​but Celtic Glasgow. Under the Australian Postecoglou reach the Hoops a ball circulation of 12.8 kilometers per game, already followed by Rapids Europa-League opponents Dynamo Zagreb and Ajax Amsterdam (11.8 each). The Bavaria enter four place with 11.7 kilometers.

And because Rapid has already been mentioned: The Hütteldorfer lie with 9.0 km in Austria — the table accordingly — on a midfield place. The Salzburger the closest comes the SG Tirol with 10.0 km. A confirmation of the work of Thomas Sullenberger and for it that it was not an empty talk when you followed his team despite two-table table sphere. At the end of the pass table, at 7.5 km, little surprisingly stands the SV Raid, which deliberately renounced a high passenger culture at least under Andreas Hera.

Well maintained Sullenberger football

In direct correlation to the ball circulation is of course the pass frequency. Also, there Celtic is ahead with 735 passes per game of the entire competition, Guardiola Manchester City (692) and the Brazilians of Akhtar Donetsk (681) come closest to the Scots. RB Salzburg is not so far from 575.5 passes, but in Austria it is again only the SG Tyrol, which still comes to more than 500 passes per game (504.5), tied light is in this rating AUSTRIA Klagenfurt With 355.9, just behind the SV Raid with 368.3.

The pa cult troop is also that is not long with well-groomed short pass play, but with wide balls searches the rapid path into the attack zone. On average, the pass length of the Klagenfurt is 22 meters, the bulls have almost the nose in front of the last with 19 meters at 18.9 meters. Internationals are back Akhtar and — at Messi and Neymar no wonder — Paris Saint-Germain to find at the top (15.7 m). Kick and Rush is still on the British island at home: Livingston comes to an average pass length of 24.4 meters, Birmingham City to 23.4 and Mother well to 23.2.

Salzburg also in the sprint front

The national competition similar to superior as in the ball circulation is Red Bull Salzburg when it comes to the highest sprint distances that are covered per game. As a sprint, the LIES counts runs that are covered at a pace of at least seven meters per second (25.2 km / h). Players of the FC Leeds of Guardiola Model Marcelo Bails can refer to the international top value of 2.23 kilometers per game. In second place the Young Boys Bern episodes. The two-kilometers mark will only exceed four teams in Europe. At 1.68 km, Red Bull Salzburg has a slight distance to the absolute top, the league average overlooks 1.38 km but still clearly. At the SV Raid, it is only 1.09 km. The sprinted league is surprisingly none of the top 5 leagues, but the Swiss Super League with 1.70 km, only then follows Spain’s La League with 1.68 km and England Premier League with 1.65. With 1.47 km, the German Bundesliga is just higher than the Austrian.

In view of the last figures, it may not be so wrong if Austria’s clubs look at the next coach search once in Switzerland, as the German sports directors make more and more often.

Dipari Mike Hiden Members is not solved Wild beadar and Mukhawk who deductively support travel

Pocket Monster Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl ( Diploma Mike ) can now use Idea with Pocket of the item items. As a result, Medal and Mohawk is active as Higher personnel with remake source ( DARPA ) ( DARPA ) I just finished, I thought it was not really.

Speaking of Idea, learning to the Pokémon on your hand is a technique with the effect of acting on the tree and rocks present on the field. DARPA should have had fewer treasures that were useful because they can complement all Idea with two medals and Mohawk.

In addition, since the Pocket played its role in Diploma Mike, Hidden personnel seemed to be solved. However, when you start an adventure, there is a figure of Leader and Mohawk, which will continue to cooperate with the trainer with Idea, just there….

Hidden personnel to true partner (?)

First, the Pocket’s Idea Function is to have the wild Pokémon. In other words, even if there is no Pokémon who remembered Idea in the field, it is a convenient function that Hidenjii can be used in the field, but when using each Idea, Bipedal and Mukhawoke are most cases Is called.

Push the big rock with Kirk, make a cliff at Rock Climb, take a cliff, Sort to Take to various streets, Mohawk who ricks the fog with き ば. Even if they are not captured, they will run anywhere in order to help the trainer with Idea.

Also, speaking of Samurai, the impression of riding a type of Pokémon, such as Laplace and Whale, but, Dipalimike, of course, LIDAR. The figure of Medal swimming water while putting on the trainer is really surreal. In addition, using Sort in Name no, This medal will be left behind….

However, even if it is 15 years, it can be an adventure with LIDAR and Mukhawoke, but the point where you can feel nostalgic. It can not be said that it became true partner, not as a convenient hidden personnel.

Thank you for their dedicated support, enjoy the journey of Shinto Region !

The best heroes of Bloons TD 6

Blooms Tower Defense is one of the most popular Tower Defense games since the series made its debut as a flash game in 2007. At each episode, new features have been added that perfectly complement the simplicity inherent in the series.. In the last title of the series, Ninja Kiwi added heroes to the game. Heroes are special monkeys that have unique attacks and capabilities. Each hero is very powerful in one way or another, but players are only allowed to use only one part. Players must choose judiciously to survive the most difficult and cooperative levels. Here is our list of TD Blooms Heroes 6. Everyone is well worth the cost of unlocking and can save you in rigor.


Dora is a hero that inflicts high damage. It pulls sunlight flashes that make significant damage and can explode leaded blockers. As it continues to increase its damage, its scope and speed of attack all increase to make it the scourge of any blood within reach. Although Dora is a great DPS hero, it costs a little expensive. It costs $5,000 to unlock and is a little more expensive to buy than some other heroes. She can not reveal the purple blocs right away, but she wins the ability to do it at the beginning as it goes up. The biggest disadvantage of Dora is that it can not reveal camouflage blockers without the support of another monkey or other capacity.


This is the best hero for new players. It very easily cuts the lead blinks and inflicts fire damage to all monkeys within reach all 30 attacks. The Gwendolyn has a short range but a very high damage power to compensate. She has some really powerful AOE attacks that can erase an area very easily. In addition to all its other benefits, Gwendolyn is relatively cheap at $2500 to unlock. Its greatest weaknesses are that it can not hit camouflage floods without support and can not do purple bloc until it receives an upgrade at level 16.


Benjamin costs a little more expensive than the other heroes, but he is of great help at the end of the game. Benjamin does not attack the Blooms directly, but mainly helps players to extend their survival time. It generates extra money and lives over time as players can use. As it goes up on level, it acquires the ability to increase the damage to other monkeys and prevent the blocs from spawning children when exploded. If you are struggling with a particular challenge, Benjamin can facilitate the task in the subsequent steps and must be bought from the beginning. It costs only $3000 to unlock.

Admiral Brickell

Admiral Brickell is a water-based hero that is easily underestimated. Like most heroes, she has two different attacks. Its revolver attack usually inflicts low damage, even when it is fully leveled. Which really shines Brickell, it’s his minor attacks. Every two seconds, it distributes a mine in the nearby water. These mines last two towers and will tackle any Blood on their reach. This hero makes aquatic levels more difficult for children. It costs $5,000 to unlock.


Who is The BEST HERO? - ALL Bloons TD 6 Heroes Ranked!
Pat Fusty is the only melee hero currently available and is well worth the $3000 unlocking cost. PAT can be placed on Earth or in the water and is relatively cheap compared to some other heroes available. Pat uses slash attacks to crush the blinks. It can crush the lead blinks and as it goes up, it can stun and inflict a ton of damage to Moab. It is an excellent versatile choice for all types of players and all skill levels. The only disadvantage is that it can not attack camouflage locations without support and as melee hero, it has a relatively low scope.

Knee injury Timo Horn is missing Cologne until the end of the year

Cologne Keeper injured himself in an attack by PSV attacker Karim Onside so hard on the knee that he definitely fails until the winter break. This revealed an MRI examination on Monday afternoon. Nothing was known about the type and severity of the injury. Horn had treated himself to the foul and played through to the final whistle, prevented a defeat shortly before the end with a strong parade. For Horn Marvin Schwab moves into the gate of Cologne. The 26-year-old newcomer moved away from the start of the season as a Danish champion from Bronze IF to FC and has so far only been used in the cup games. In the first round, he saved the Geßböcken with two crash shots at the FC Carl Series Jena in penalty shooting the progress, in the game at VfB Stuttgart won the FC 2: 0 It was the first mandatory game without conceding this season.

When Bayern discovered her greed

On the 16th match day of the 1971/72 season, FC Bayern dismantled the Russia from Dortmund with 11: 1. Almost the Munich had set the highest victory of the still young Bundesliga history, but the Dortmund er Dieter Dandruff had nullified this record from 1967 with the honorary goal at the meantime 1: 6.

Almost four years earlier, the Gladbacher had deducted the situated Schalke with 11: 0 — the first two-digit victory in the Bundesliga history. Five more should follow — unsurpassed so far the 12: 0 spectacle thanks to Jump Dances and the foals to the end of the season 1977/78. Also, with this carnage the Dortmund met.

If we run as high as today, just lacks the right ambition.

UPI Honey

But back to November 27, 1971. Bavaria enjoyed the call under her coach Udo Latter to sit back too quickly. When we run as high as today, just the right ambition is missing with me, said the then 19-year-old UPI Honey self-critical, after the disc shoots against the BVB in the stadium had been repay at Gunwale Strafe in front of 17,000 spectators.

Coach Latter, on the other hand, was clearly martial and was happy about the singer of his elf. Today we have shown that we can kill an opponent. Thanks to Herd Müller, who lived this mentality the highly assumed talents. Honey himself knew who he had to orient himself in terms of ambition. I admire Herd Müller, who hunts for goals until last, no matter whether in the Bundesliga or in a private game. November 27, 1971 — it could have been the birth of the Bavaria Greed Cited today so often.

40 and 101: FC Bayern sets two long-term records

Speaking of tor hunger. In the season 1971/72, the Bayern set two long-term records. It was the playing time in which Herd Müller scored 40 Goals — Robert Lewandowski triggered this scary brand known only in the past playing time. And the Munich met a total of 101 times into the black a yield that has still existed today.

Tor to 4: 1 against Schalke in championship showdown against Schalke: UPI Honey. Imago / horstmüller

Premiere in the Olympic Stadium: final against Schalke and master

How Bayern München Became Bayern München - A Tribute To Uli Hoeness
But despite these numbers, the championship for Bavaria was anything but a walk. But on the contrary. Until the last match day, the Munich with the Schalke delivered a head-to-head race. On the 33rd match day, the Bayern managed in the second leg against the previously humbled and already resigned Dortmund with Oh and a 1-0 away win, marriage the royal blue to the final to the title on the 34th match day in the Olympic Stadium.

It was the first game in the newly built Arena, 79.012 spectators were eyewitnesses at the showdown around the bowl that the Bayern won fulminant with 5: 1 and thus manifested place 1 with three points ahead of S04.

The Müller admired by Honey went empty, the later Bavaria manager and president made the sack with the interim 4: 1. The greed for gates and titles was awakened — only ten days earlier six Bavaria professionals had become European champion for the first time.

FIFA 22 DCE was Adidas Predator More

Discover the solution for the DCE Adidas Predator Plus, a team creation challenge was FIFA 22. This DECK is intended to save you a rare 75+ players pack and a rare electric player pack in the completing.

Updated: A day from Saturday, November 27 at 14:30.

Note that this challenge begins Saturday, November 27 at 2.30 pm and lasts two hours, ending on Saturday, November 27 at 17:30. By completing this challenge, you will get a rare 75+ players pack and a rare electric players pack.

Should this DCE do?

The DCE Adidas Predator Plus is a unique challenge, linked to the Event Black Friday on the mode was FIFA 22. It follows the Flash Challenge event previously. In view of the price of the cards and the criteria requested, we recommend completing it.

Recommendation: Yes
Probable credit gain? No

Flash Challenge, Criteria

Same nation: minimum 3
Even league: maximum 3
Same club: minimum 2
Rare cards: minimum 5
Overall team rating: 80

Collective: 90
Reward: A rare 75+ players pack and a rare electric player pack
End of the challenge: Saturday, November 27 at 17:30
Price: 10K

Adidas Predator SBC Completed - Help & Cheap Method - Fifa 22

Our example of a solution for the FLASH DCE Challenge was made with the Fut bin team creator (in English).

Our solutions are examples of training allowing you to achieve these DCE at the cheapest price possible without having cards. It is obviously possible to achieve these challenges with other cards. Attention also because the overall cost of these solutions can evolve (downward as risen) over time.

You can find the full list of different DCE Live for the FIFA 22 mode on our list of active team creation challenges (DCE). In addition, find all our guides as well as all the news of the game on our FIFA 22 portal.

Hammer at play offs draw Italy Portugal Turkey Nordmasedonia

TEC MO World Cup ’90 is a video clip game of Game football published in 1989 by TEMPO. An informal variation of the video game called Euro League included clubs from the old continent. A not so real to Arcade was developed by Sims for the Sega Huge Drive renamed as Team World Cup ’92 as well as launched only in Japan.

The draw of the World Cup play-offs has given some interesting constellations. The pairings at a glance:

Way A:

Semifinals 1: Scotland — Ukraine

Semifinals 2: Wales — Austria (home right in the final)

Way B:

Semifinals 1: Russia — Poland (home right in the final)

Semifinals 2: Sweden — Czech Republic


Semifinals 1: Italy — Nordmasedonia

Semifinals 2: Portugal — Turkey (home right in the final)

for Mancini tricky, for Kurtz difficult

That’s very hard for us. Northern Macedonia is a good team, and then we have to play the final away, in Portugal or in Turkey. That’s very tricky, said Italy’s Trainer Roberto Mancini in the context of the draw. The Square Aurora could make the end tournament for the second time in series after this happened at the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

It will be particularly tricky for the former German U-21 coach Kurtz. His Turkey would probably defeat Portugal and Italy, which is clear against Nordmasedonia, to qualify for the End tournament in winter 2022 (21st November to 18 December). This is definitely the hardest path. The biggest desire is to bring the big final to Turkey, so we can see what is possible for us, Kurtz said.

For the play-offs, the ten group seconds and the two best group winners of the UEFA Nations League 2020/21, which are not landed in their World Cup qualification group, qualified on one of the first two places. Austria and the Czech Republic were in the Lost thanks to the Nations League.

2022 World Cup play-off Draw | European Qualifiers | Portugal vs Turkey - Russia vs Poland
The six best group seconds were placed in pot 1 (Portugal, Scotland, Italy, Russia, Sweden, Wales) and thus have home rights in the semi-final. Ukraine (pot 2) and Russia could not be dissolved against each other after a UEFA decision for political reasons.

The twelve teams deny three play-off ways (A, B and C) each with a semi-final game and a final (without return matches). The winners of these three ways qualify for the World Cup.

Asia against South America, Concacaf against Oceania

Even in the other associations, play-offs will still go over the stage. The AFC team (Asia) will be with the CONMEBOL Team (South America), the Concacaf team (North and Central America) meets the OF team (Oceania). The fifth of Asia will meet the best nation from Oceania on the fifth South America and the fourth of North and Central America.

None of the four representatives are so far. According to the current state, Australia or Japan could get the Playoff Square for Asia and should then get to do with a strong South America representative such as Colombia, Peru, Chile or Uruguay. Panama currently occupies fourth place in North and Central America, probable opponent from Oceania is New Zealand.

Where to see the play-off games

DAZN transmits all six semi-finals as well as the three final plays of the European Playoffs- in total so nine play-off lots — live and exclusive. The semi-finals rise on Thursday, March 24, 2022, the final matches on Tuesday, March 29, 2022.

Schedule: The main appointments to the World Cup 2022

Overview: These teams are already qualified for the World Cup


Themed Archive

Qatar 2022: The way from the World Cup assignment to today

on the subject

In December 2010, the World Cup 2022 is awarded to Qatar.

Five years later, FIFA decides to develop a World Cup in the winter months for the first time.

For eleven years, non-sporting topics have dominated the World Cup: It’s about voice purchase, exploitation of workers on construction sites and fundamental human rights.

HAMMER at play-offs draw: Italy, Portugal, Turkey, Nordmasedonia — only one goes to the World Cup

According to report on guest workers: Norwegian journalists arrested in Qatar

Eintricht Frankfurt not yet through despite late hits

Eintracht-Coach Oliver Glaser covered it after the 2-0 success in Freiburg the third victory in series — at the same starting eleven. Interledger was not fit again after his ankle violence, Patience was sitting back on the bench after a cattle muscle injury.

As an opponent, the Contract Antwerp faced coach Brian Prince, which in the league are ranked two in the Europa League to date but disappointed. The Belgians surprised something in the lineup, as their best scorer in the league, Frey (former Nuremberg, 14 league gates), rather across the wing came.

Ramada rewards the Contract — Angolan meets with lots of risk

Contract dominated the initial phase in the now usual 3-4-2-1, but without getting great for danger. The first attack then sat directly: Tuna strongly conquered the ball and continued to lead to Chandler, whose precise credentials made Canada recovered (13th).

Eintracht Frankfurt vs Royal Antwerp 2-2 Goals Highlight - 2021

Shortly thereafter, the guests who playfully found any means and only came across standards in front of the gate, after a corner a great opportunity: Trap wiped on the ball, then threw himself in the subsequent shot and defused his faux pas immediately (16. ).

Frankfurt has always found good switching moments and came well above all over the wings, the flanks mostly did not have a customer. And that should take revenge, because another corner, the ex-Mainz fishermen lifted to the criminal area, took Angolan Volley, his shot found by Nick composited the way to the gate — suddenly it was 1: 1 (33.).

Frankfurt was not shocked in front of 30,000 spectators and continued on, towards the end of the first passage also caused the degrees, but it only went with a draw into the catacombs.

From these guests came into a little higher, so the SGE offered a little more spaces. As in the first pass, the Contract everything under control, really appreciable but too rarely out — at least in the initial phase.

Böllerwurf, Var, two late hits — SGE not yet

Because then the fans in a negative sense were attentive: first the guest fans lit some firecrackers (61.), then a Bowler exploded immediately behind the gate of the guest keeper, this flew probably from the curve of the Frankfurter (67. ), Subsequently, busy had to be treated. Memories of the first leg were awake when a Bowler exploded from the block of Belgians directly next to Trap.

The game was barely backed up, the guest suddenly the guest seemed to be in the lead: After Fischer’s flank Stand Captain de Laet was slightly in the away, so that the Var collapsed the hit (71.). But even after that were the guests who now wanted the goal, the game flow was completely lost at Frankfurt.

And so it was not necessarily surprising that Samantha after presentation of Joker Alaskan Yusuf even scored the lead for the Belgians (88.). But that once again brought the last-minute harmony of the last weeks to the plan, Glaser moved his last weapon Valencia — and this stack, as in the first leg, in the detention time: Poetic brought his flank to the head of the Portuguese, the Ball Perfectly conveyed into the long corner (90. + 4).

Immediately thereafter, it was conclusion — but also with this late point gain. Because in the parallel game Olympiads spelled a victory, secured two — and can still overtake Frankfurt on the last match day. On the sixth match day, Frankfurt meets Fenerbahçe Istanbul, Royal Antwerp receives Olympiads Piraeus. The SGE is enough for a draw because it would win the direct comparison with the Greeks.

Aldi Several PS4 hits and complete

If you are looking for a gaming bargain, you are currently not only available for online retailers such as Amazon or Media Market, but also with the branches of the Discounter Aldi. Both at Aldi South and at Aldi Nord are several PS4 classics for a short time.

Cheap PS4 Games at Aldi

Since the 25 . November 2021 You can tape in the ALDI branches in total four modern classics for the PS4 at a bargain price. Who stands on brachial struggles, certainly comes with God of War full of its costs, which originally came to the market originally in 2018.

Somewhat less action rich, but it is much more gloomy with the action adventure The Last of Us Remastered to the point. But even the PS fans among you do not go empty and can alternatively access Gran Tourism Sport. The Action Adventure Horizon: Zero Dawn completes the offer. Each of these games costs only 8.99 euros each. However, they are currently not available exclusively in the ALDI branches and in the online shop.

Cheap PCs at Aldi

If you are looking for a new calculator, the visit of the discounter could also be worthwhile. There is currently several complete PC s to buy. The Median E62031 is not more designed for sophisticated gaming. In him work on Intel Core i5-10400, Eight gigabytes to memory and a 512 GB SSD hard drive. For this package you have to pay 499 euros.

The Median Eraser Engineer X10 for 1,599 euros is much better equipped. He waits with a Intel Core i7-11700, a GeForce RTX 3070 and 32 GB of RAM. He also has a SSD hard drive with a capacity of a terabyte. For 2,499 euros, the Median Eraser Hunter X25 Miami Ry zen 5900x, the GeForce RTX 3070 Ti and 32 GB of RAM. In addition, there is a SSD hard drive with two BYTE.

Source: A LD

NEW GTA 5 Online Hidden Media Stick Locations Guide! (All 5 Media Stick Locations!) GET A FREE $250K
From André left
25.11.2021 at 10:45

NEW WORLD Rollback on EU Central

On November 24, 2021, the developers of New World have brought a patch on the game world during server maintenance, which carried out faulty calculations. It went with the patch around Tale reimbursements because of the previously Time skip bugs for New World for New World, where the server time is unplanned forward. What in turn resulted in that the heroes of Sternum had to invoke additional tale in settlements.

For the solution of the problem, in the eyes of the developers of Amazon Game Studios only one way: the New World (Buy Now €39,99) Rollback.

Why a rollback in New World?

In the New World Forum, developer Scot Lane explains this measure as follows: I want to briefly explain what happened. According to our patch today a separate database change in the EU was conducted to players since the publication of the Features in the game were affected by tax failures in the game, to grant tolerates. Through this database change, very high sums were falsely granted, which did not correspond to the intended amounts. Many players have spent this money and often bought large amounts of objects on the trading post.

As soon as we noticed the mistake, we took the EU worlds at 15:00 CET OFFLINE to find out what can be done to fix the mistake. When examining it became clear that there was no clean way, only the Players who had received money to correct because the secondary effects were widespread and many other players and systems concerned. Therefore, we decided to reset characters, companies and the trading post to 12:45 CET, so shortly before the database change was carried out.

Trading post again in focus

EU servers BACK UP with ROLLBACKS, EU trading post DISABLED,  ELITE CHESTS FIXED, and new world news

Problem has made the trading post, so the trading item is disabled until the error is cleaned up. But there are no items lost, as Lane emphasizes: To clear the clarification: Due to the deactivation of the trading item, no objects are lost. All objects that seem to be missing are restored after this data operation on the trading post.

The links marked are affiliate links. Affiliate links are no ads, as we are independent in the search and selection of the presented products. For product sales we receive a small commission, with which we partially finance the free content of the website.

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