Against dangerous violators who are known for their courageous offensive play, the VFL was happiest on Monday evening often. The SCV partially loved the best scoring chances, but Osnabrück used two of its few attacks freezing cold, which in turn revealed the weakness of the hosts. We did not have our strength in the defensive, but we are working on it, says Trainer Guerino Capretti after the game on the microphone of magenta sport.

The defensive susceptibility was also well recorded in the first passage of Osnabrück, such as before the interim 2-0 for the VFL. Sebastian Klaas, already successful in the cup against Freiburg, levered the entire Verler defensive with a double pass with Ulrich Taffertshofer and then locked dry. Today it was elsewhere as in the cup, Klaas was happy about the match luck on Monday evening, although he had to follow remaining words. Verl was very hard for us. In the second half they were the better team and had earned the compensation, said the 23-year-old.

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Capretti: The hand has nothing to look for anything

Also his coach Daniel Scherning have seen some scenes we had to survive. By way of example, the referee s overlooked hand game of Taffertshofer in the detention time, which caused Capretti in the field of trouble. I believe that everyone has seen. The hand has nothing to look for at all, the 39-year-old recorded shaking.

However, since Osnabrück had already experienced games this season, which was lost despite a better performance, the 2: 1 is welcome. Today we got a happy victory, which has not succeeded in us before, says Scherning, who saw a success factor on a success factor in the event of a difficult to play in Lotte in standard situations – which at the end also paid out at 1-0. We always wanted a mix of short and long balls. We knew that on this lawn can become a factor.