Jensen, Callahan, Paetsch and Tom McCollum - Great 5 on 3 Penalty Kill
from Piraeus reports Julian Franzke

It is probably no coincidence that Eintracht was only a bit better and more stable than Barkok and Lammers no longer stood on the field. Just an hour, Glasner looked at the strikingly weak performance of the duo before he brought Jesper Lindström (for Lammers) and Almamy Toure (for Barkok) into the game. At Barkok it bordered with a miracle that he was not sent to showers already in the 31st minute. At a probably unintentional but brutal foul he met Piraeus s left-back Oleg Rabciuk with open sole above the ankle. A clear red card, but Barkok came surprisingly with yellow away.

The learned offensive midfielder had taken care of Leipzig last weekend against Leipzig (1: 1) as the Fresh wind used to the right of the trial / fifter chain, so it was comprehensible that Glasner ordered him into the first eleven this time. But Barkok did not use his chance, the TempoDribblers trained in their own youth played too many inaccurate balls and behaved awkwardly in the two fights. According to the data provider OPTA, he won only eleven percent of his duels. Glasner still spoke of a mixed performance.

Lammers wins only 17 percent of his two-fighting

In the storm Lammers also elongated his chance. The Dutchman clearly fell off compared to the busy Rafael Borré, lethargic (bugging ratio of 17 percent) worked and inexplicably made many miscalculations. In this constitution, the loan from Bergamo is no help, Lammers beamed no gate attack. Sam is not so easy, gives Glasner. The coach refers to the fact that the attacker operates on the shoulder in the spring and only committed to the last day of the transfer period. He could not train longer and was not in the rhythm. Then he came to me a great hope here, should work on the first day and be the Toptorjäger. That did not work for him, explains Glasner.

However, it is still convinced of the basic quality of the 1.91 meter, but not very captive attackers. Sam is a very fine footballer, a very good technician, and he has a really good degree with left and right. But right now – so honest you have to be – he does not show that too little. That does not mean that we doubt him, the Austrian executes. He wanted to try to talk out Lammers again, so that he finds this to old strength : We will support him and give it to the hand so that he can get better in our game. He now needs a success experience, A goal or assist, so he gets the footballing lightness. That would be important for the entire team Eminent, because the lucky 2: 1 victory in Piraeus can not imagine that in this season in front too often the breakthrough is missing.