After the Blamablen 1: 6 Two weeks ago, the AS Roma in the Conference League could not win the second leg against the Norwegian champion Bodo / Glimt. 2: 2 ended it in the end. The main responsibility for this was according to Roma coach Jose Mourinho the referee, with which TV expert, Interviewer and Bundesliga legend Jan-Aage Fjörtoft (Eintracht Frankfurt) did not agree.

The Special One was angry after the final whistle that his team had not been awarded a penalty in the game.

As Fjörtoft, who had once retained with a hit shortly before the last matchday of the 1998/99 Eintracht Frankfurt before the descent and climbed to the clutchermin, in his role as a TV journalist for viaplay Football Mourinho on the performance of the impartial approach, Broken a heated, but also funny discussion.

Keyword: No, tell me….

Mourinho vs. Fjörtoft: The conversation in the wording

Fjörtoft : How do you explain today s game here at Stadio Olimpico?

Mourinho : See, the referee has to explain it, but he does not speak.

Fjörtoft : What did the referee wrong?

Mourinho (dark look) : Have you seen the game?

Fjörtoft : Yes, of course, but I want to know it from you, what have you seen in your view?

Mourinho : Tell me…

Fjörtoft : No, tell me, I want to hear it from the coach of the Roma…

Mourinho : No, tell me what you have seen.

Jose Mourinho,introducing Drone in RomaTraining |2021|مورينيو
Fjörtoft : I could not see anything, I sat so far away, so you have to tell me.

Mourinho : Not even on the screen? You have not considered it after the game?

Fjörtoft : So you mean, the referee has brought you around the victory today?

Mourinho : Of course.

Fjörtoft : And what was with Bodo / Glimt today? That was a surprise as you played today?

Mourinho : You are a good team and have good players. They had two shots, they shot two goals. The result was 2: 2. We had two penalties. We had four or five chances on another goal

After the Roma has not placed a game against the Norwegians launched as an outsider in the group C, the series A-Club must continue to join the progress in the Conference League.

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In the table, the Romans linger with seven points after four games in second place. The residue on the leader of Group C, Bodo / Glimt, is also a counter, as the lead in third place and Luhansk.