While Goku, Vegeta and other Z Warriors spent a very hard time against Frieza, Trunks managed to defeat this villain in a single chapter. In fact, he did not require more than five minutes to do, and although Super he had no chance to shine as we would have liked, there is always the hope that he continues the story in a movie or manga.

While we wait for the Future Warrior returns to the work of Akira Toriyama, we can enjoy this amazing illustration that re-imagines as a Knight of the Zodiac. Specifically, it was the artist who reimaignó Trunks Salvamokoto carrying the Golden Armor Mu of Aries.


Recently we also had another illustration similar but with Goku, whom you can see wearing the Armor Libra House on the link below.

Note from the editor: Trunks is possibly one of my favorite characters from Dragon Ball. Just how easily defeated Frieza and his father, when Goku and the others required a lot of chapters to do so, he showed how strong the warrior of the future really was.