Animal Crossing New Horizons - All House Upgrades
Happy Home Paradise is a new chargeable DLC for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. With this over 9,000 items find their way into the game, including new clothes, furnishings, and more. The DLC beats with 24.99 euros to beech, members of the Expansion Pack Tier for Nintendo Switch online will even receive the DLC free.

As it looks like there is currently a bug with Happy Home Paradise, which occurs when you want to rebuild the house of one of your island, while the gate at the airport is just open.

How to deal with the bug?

Nintendo did not explain what this bug is doing exactly, but they shared a tip on how to handle this:

If you have the addition content Happy Home Paradise in Animal Crossing New Horizons (Buy Now €44.99) AZT, it can come to errors when playing, if you speak in the service center over the rebuilding of the houses of island residents, during the pedestal at the airport is open.

We recommend all players not to tackle the conversion of the house of an island dweller, while the plot is open at the airport. As long as the pedestal is closed, it should be no gameplay problems when rebuilding the houses of island residents.

If you encounter this unspecified bug, you should simply close the game according to Nintendo and start again to resolve the problem. The developers already work on a software update for the error, which should be published in November 2021.

From Daniel Link
07.11.2021 at 18:23