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Animal Crossing New Horizons has just received a massive update with version 2.0, along with the release of the new HAPPY Home Paradise DLC. The DLC, in particular, is exciting for players who enjoy the interior and exterior decoration. You can create dream houses for several NPC, and you will also have a lot of freedom in terms of furniture, fence options and road options available for you. Here is How to move houses and change your exterior designs in AC Happy Home Paradise.

Moving to AC Happy Home Paradise

Once you have accepted a client s job at Happy Home Paradise, you can choose a location for them in the archipelago. Touch the D-Pad to start decorating and notice that you can use the left joystick to move the cursor over the house.

Press and hold the A button while traveling on the house, then use the left joystick to move it. You can move it anywhere on the island, so feel free to choose a location that works for you and then decorate around.

If you want to move the entire holiday home, you can talk to the client and inform you about moving. This will allow you to move your home to a new location in the archipelago.

Modification of exterior design

In addition to simply moving the house, you can also change your exterior design so that it adapts to the topic you are looking for. While moving over the house with the cursor, press the X key to access all the outdoor design options.

From there, you can choose between a lot of different roofing options, change the coating and also choose the desired door style. Of course, you can also change the color of each configuration, so keep playing with them until you find the perfect combination.

That s all you need to know How to move houses and change exterior designs in AC Happy Home Paradise. Be sure to check our wiki guide to get more advice and information about the game.

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