Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Happy Home Paradise DLC - Gameplay Part 1 - Eloise's Reading Room
Although New Horizons had a huge impact when leaving last spring, there is a good chance that you have not been playing for a while. And it s good ! Animal Crossing games tend to have a hard-coded life for most players. Finally, you simply move away, looking for this same strange effect in other comfortable life simulation titles. Fortunately, we have a ton of new content with which to play. Between the 2.0 update and that of the HAPPY Home Paradise DLC, animal fans Crossing are on the rise. I have access to the DLC that since its launch, but it has already changed the game for me in several key ways.

Okay, it changed the game in a certain way. But it s still big! The DLC makes you work as an interior designer for the Happy Home group. Rather than constantly redeveloping your own home, you can now create the value of an entire city of fabulous holiday homes. You have endless resources, many land to complete and total freedom of creation. You can even change the size of the pieces! I was not sure that it would keep me hanging, but the unlimited budget is a huge boost to your casual creativity.

We must not insist on this point on several occasions, but the power to plaster all the walls of the televisions is too important to be ignored. Not only that, but you have immediate access to a gigantic catalog of articles. I saw more incredible furniture in the last 48 hours until all the first year of play. When you have the power to match everything? It s like a cheat code for better taste. The pieces that I conceive give most of my house a totally destroyed aspect. What is actually a problem. Your holiday far from island life — which is actually a job — look like a cool breeze compared to the usual routine.

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New objects appear on your hometown at an icy rhythm. You get from drip content of all kinds in real time by 24-hour teams. If your island looks amazing, it s because you have introduced you every day so that it is so. On the other hand, you can create a workpiece and perfect after 20 minutes at the end of the DLC. It really highlights how smoothly is ruthless. Like real holidays, you get a perfect vertical slice of a life out of your reach. Both worlds are not totally separated, however.

You can bring back some objects from your business trips. Memories, for one. Every day, a new selection of unusual objects appears in the company s shop. That s all your certificate of work is good, so I usually buy everything. You can also buy chocolates to attract your villagers in this custom paradise. If there is someone on your ground that could benefit from a second home, you can sweep it off and put yourself at work. So far, I had a single villager at the island s time, with a neon / RGB studio of a Twitch Streamer. Strange choice for a vacation spot, but I m not here to judge. Unfortunately, the playback trick of the room does not work in your own home, which is simply cruel. However, you can bring some of these techniques home! You will first need to conceive of many houses.

Although we have received a ton of content with the 2.0 update, the DLC focuses on the design of the house. To this end, it s a bit of a note. To be clear, conceiving homes is great, and get some of these techniques on the island of origin is even better. But without direct interest in interior decoration, there are few incentives to press the Trigger of the Happy Home Paradise extension. Even without this, you still have the Brewster coffee, the boat rides of Kappa, Hard s cooperative experience and the entire cooking and agriculture system. Although if you decide to dive your toes in this home design business, it represents a ton of gameplay. At the moment I write this, we do not know how many houses you can build — or how many villagers you can pile on each island. So go crazy, that s what I say.

In itself, I would have trouble recommending the Happy Home Paradise DLC to all air conditioning fans. There are so many things you can do before you burn. That s why Nintendo has integrated it with the 2.0 update. You can browse it at your own pace, but you should not really do it. As the rest of animal crossing, it is better to relax. Make a house, make your tours through the islands and your various chores. Maybe stop at the café? Unlike the main game, you do not need to slow down. The game simply encourages you to do it. It may be a simple addition to the game, but it is also a valuable element. You have new tools in a new frame, with new rules that extend to the entire basic game. Rather than a paint layer, this DLC looks more like an extra room added on the first floor. Whether you want to build some houses or an entire map, the Happy Home Paradise DLC is here for you.