The main objective of Minecraft is not possible to tame all the animals, that does not stop people from doing it. And with reason. The nameable animals have their own abilities in the game. Some carry heavy objects, others defend the player in combat. Parrots are taming their own class.

Taming a parrot in Minecraft

The first step to tame a parrot is to find one. Parrots appear in the biomes of the jungle, like pandas and ocelots. They come in many colors: green, blue, light blue and yellow, gray and multicolored.

Tame parrots like wolves or dogs. Give them their favorite food and wait hearts appear. The parrots love the seeds: wheat, grass, pumpkin, etc. Use the seeds to the desired parrot. Once emerged hearts, congratulations, you have tamed a parrot.

Parrots fly around their owner and occasionally land on their shoulders. They do not fly very fast, so if you are in a hurry, you might let your boyfriend parrot behind. They will stay on your shoulder until you jump.

How to Tame a Parrot in Minecraft (All Versions)
What do parrots in Minecraft

Minecraft Most animals have a purpose. Cats away creepers. The dogs scare the skeletons and attack anything that damages their owner. Horses are perfect for transportation. Donkeys can be fitted and carry large amounts of inventory. Llamas have a high inventory and can form long caravans.

The parrots were added to Minecraft in the Java update 1.12, also known as the update name World of Color in 2017. They are an oddity in Minecraft. In a game where most nameable animals have some utility, parrots do not obvious.

Parrots have two unique abilities: mimicry and dance. The tame parrots imitate the sounds of the crowd nearby. If there is a zombie nearby, tame your parrot can begin to moan in response. This can be both annoying and useful. Sometimes this is a warning that an invisible mob is in the area. Sometimes it just causes anxiety when the player does not know that this is the parrot that emits sounds.

Dance is the cutest of the two capacities. At one point in Minecraft, you will find various music discs. The play in a music player nearly a parrot will make them dance. The dances can be different depending on the selected song.

They are not the most useful tame, but they are cute, and it is worth more to tame for a huge parrot dancing evening.