The Organization of Legends World Champion (commonly abbreviated as Worlds) is the yearly professional Organization of Legends world champion event hosted by Riot Games and is the conclusion of each period. Teams complete for the champ title, the 70-pound (32-kilogram) Summoner s Mug, and a multi-million-dollar champion prize. In 2018, the final was viewed by 99.6 million individuals, breaking 2017 s final s audience document. The competition has been praised for its ceremonial efficiencies, while receiving interest worldwide due to its remarkable as well as emotional nature. The Organization of Legends World Championships has acquired tremendous success and appeal, making it among the world s most distinguished and watched tournaments, as well as the most enjoyed computer game in the world. Due to its success, esports scenes came to be prominent and also extensively seen as a potential Olympics event, already being included as a medal occasion in the 2022 Eastern Games. The tournament rotates its places throughout different significant countries and also areas annually. South Korea s T1 is the most successful group in the competition s history, having won 3 world champions.

The start of New World was more than bumpy, with queues, bugs, exploits and problems in the economy. While the number of players go through again and further, there have been many positive threads in the last few days about the development of the MMOs. The Streamer Shroud also praises the latest update.

What s going on at New World? New World came on the release weekend to over 910,000 players, but has meanwhile lost a large part of it. On Sunday, November 7, the new MMO came to just under 307,000 simultaneous players (via Steam DB).

Although this decline in player numbers is not astounding, but it was accelerated mainly by several problems:

At the start there were hours of queues that were never felt shorter by the covering of the game numbers.
There were many bugs, including the non-functioning both rod on higher levels, non-functioning Perks or passive skills and lags in wars.
There were exploits with whom players were invulnerable or gold could be generated.
It appeared early bots, which then tales sold against real money.

New World = Fun Failure - Don't Buy New World Before Watching This - New World! (MMORPG Gameplay)
The game experiences an economic crisis that still lasts.

In addition, Amazon still hesitates to publish a roadmap to the future of New World. However, that would give some security and outlook when and how it continues. That s why we find such roadmap so important from Mango:

Due to these events and the declining player numbers, many already summon the death of New World.

But on reddit and on Twitch, there is now a larger number of players who advise the skeptics to try New World (again). Above all, they praise the latest patch and the current communication from Amazon.

Patch 1.0.5 and the view of November ensure good mood

Why you should return to New World? The user Summers created the thread Come back to New World at the weekend (via Reddit). He says:

The game is now a lot, much better than this sub describe. Even those who complain most about bugs have played more than 300 hours and written negative Flame posts on which one screen, while they mob kill on the other.

The last patch was great. If you left the game, comes back.

The thread received over 3,500 up votes and thus kept in the upper area of ​​the homepage of the Subreddits.

In the comments many agree with what the statements are concerned about the latest patch. Update 1.0.5 made important changes, including fixes for Perks and passive effects, balance adjustments and a reduction in tale s costs and both.

The communication from Amazon, which is placed in the last few weeks, is well-received by the players. You talked about Banns, the first major patch in November and player wishes like mounts.

Streamer also praise the new patch: The Streamer Michael Shroud Greek, who played over 250 hours of New World and, despite the problems, does not get rid of the MMO, praises the patch.

He said in a LiveStream:

I have the feeling that you have got the curve with the last patch. I mean, yes, he s good. The updates are generally good. The November patch will be perfect in a few weeks. He will be incredible. […].

If you have finally resolved all the bugs, you can start to create content.

is perfect now? No, there are still some problems. In the Reddit thread, some criticize that New World still offer too little variety. Above all, the areas of levels 30 to 50 are considered very exhausting and monotonous. That s what Amazon has changed so far.

In addition, there are still many bugs, including the display error with the 0%, problems with different AOE skills and houses and items in houses that simply disappear.

In addition, Amazon has not yet announced no new content, but only bug fixes and Quality of Life changes. That s why some see no reason to return to New World.

How do you see New World currently? Are you still active or are you for the first one with the MMO? Write it in the comments.

Finally, the developers have allowed an add-on for the minimal. This has solved a problem indirectly that some players had with New World:

New World allows add-ons like the self-created minimal, but not all