Bayern-coach Jens Schemer rotated after 2: 1 in Essen in the Bundesliga on five positions: Going, Winger, Magill, Jacobson and Schiller began instead of glass, Viggosdottir, Demand, Dallas and Damnjanovic. Brazil ran on despite the knee decline.

Lyons trainer Sonia Compactor took only a change in comparison to the 5-0 against Benefice on the 2nd match day of the royal class: Cayman played instead of Black.

Buchanan s bad luck is Bavaria s luck

From the beginning, Lyon put the Munich in the morning with high pressing under pressure, so the FCB could hardly free itself from one s own half. Mallard had the first clear chance in the game after a corner, but shot about the gate (12th). Also, Mario did not pass to goalkeeper Beneath in the middle of the first half (22nd). With the increasing duration of the game, the Scheuer-Eleven found a little better — and went in the 25th minute even with a little luck in the lead: for a corner ball hit Buchanan, who wanted to clarify the five-meter room from Winger, unhappy in his own goal.

Hug: Carina Winger (Li.) Will be thermal after 1-0 for Munich by Saki Kumeyaay. Imago images

In the final quarter of an hour, OF again increased pace and pressure, which now opened Bayern counter opportunities. While for Lyon the agile van de Done had a good chance, the Magill just thwarted (36.), also had the FCB by Bernstein (31.) and Bull immediately before the pause show occasions (45. + 2). But it ultimately remained in the narrow guidance for the German representative.

Henry causes the decision

Only a few seconds after the side of the SID of Munich, Munich was lucky enough to return Carpenter to Kumeyaay before an OF gate (46.). Shortly though but that fell 1: 1: After a standard situation, the Cayman shot by Kumeyaay hit a short distance (50.).

As in the first half, however, however, the pressure of the French declined again with increasing playing time — even if Cayman had had a chance to a double pack with a spacer shot, which sailed just too high over the gate (60th). In the meantime, in the meantime, the Münchnerinnen had even recovered slightly benefits, it was Lyon again in the final phase, that was rising. The substitute Lederberg aimed in artistic just over (81.). A standard situation brought OF ultimately to the late, but under the dash deserved victory: Henry met by head accurately into the left corner to 2: 1 — the decision (86.).

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On the Munich, the top game at home against Wolfsburg is waiting for the league on Saturday (2 pm) in the league. And also for Lyon it comes on Saturday almost at the same time (14.30 clock) at home to the summit with master PSG. Next Wednesday (21 clock), both clubs meet again in Munich in the Champions League.