Last week, the developers have given a view of the future of New World. It was revealed that all trading posts should be linked in the future. The change encounters a shared echo. While many find the idea, others fear an even stronger collapse of the economy.

What was exactly announced? In November, the first Major Patch should appear New World. This should improve the expeditions and the economy in the game. A change is the linking of trading posts.

Currently, each settlement has its own trading post with own items and prizes in it. In the future, however, all trading items should have the same offer, whether they play in the middle of the map in catering or at the edge in the first light.

Thus, Amazon wants to proceed against the current problems in the economy.

What do the players say to the change? The adaptation at the trading post has caused mainly for two very contradictory reactions:

The one praise the link. You see less travel costs and strengthen the settlements on the edge of the map.
The others fear that the update could also further damage the economy. Too many items and possible tax losses could negatively affect the prices.

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We from Mango look at the different positions.

Good for the buyers, bad for sellers?

What is the criticism of the linked trading posts? One of the first forum threads on the topic came from the user AER dynamics. The is the current state of trading posts as his personal main aspect of the game, as he earned money with it to buy items favorably and sell more expensive to other places:

Thank you for ruining the main aspect of the game to me. Trade between the fields, traveling with different objects for sale, the flip on other trading posts and so on.

It was nice to play this game, but I m sure that it ends so, without much consultation with the community.

In the comments of the thread, many users mainly express their concern for an even stronger deflation. Now New World is in a kind of economic crisis, because there are too many materials, but too few ways to earn tales. That pushes the prices down.

With the scheduled change, even more materials are brought into every trading post, making it an even stronger case in the prices.

The Bittersweet dark user even assumes that the change could destroy the entire economy (via New World Forum).

Are that the only criticisms? No. Player Berlin has created a detailed article and describe the negative impact on settlements and taxes he fears (via New World Forum).

Because taxes are paid where they shop and sells. So far, this happens above all in case of life and wind circle, two settlements that are very centrally located. There, about 80% of the total trade on the server Regard takes place, as he accompanies by a picture:

In the future, however, most transactions are carried out in the settlements that have the cheapest tax rate. And that pushes the taxes and thus the expansion of the settlements down, which is already a problem already in places. Many settlements do not create their workbenches on a high level.

He sees in the linkage quite benefits for buyers who want to acquire items cheaper, but great disadvantages for sellers and settlement owners. Dealers who could flip their items have to focus on focusing on items and selling with a little luck more expensive.

It only loses those who abuse the current system

What are the players who praise the new system? Many players welcome the change to the trading post, as they do not constantly travel to settlements in the middle of the map to sell their items there.

You also see an advantage for the settlements on the edge of the card, which are previously treated very stepmother. The expansion of the workbenches gives little sense there for many companies, as hardly is traded. This makes the settlement but at the same time unattractive for Crater and generally unattractive for wars.

In the critics of the linked trading posts, they mainly see players who have abused the previous system to their advantage. The player Harrakittu writes about:

ALL What I read here is: Ahh, I can no longer cheat players to cheat your money. I think it s a good change. It prevents I from running through each settlement to find the best price for an item.

Harrakittu Via New World Forum

Player Dreams also explains why the current system did not work with the individual trading posts. He sees the problems in the player number and the fact that the transport of the goods between the cities is not a big problem.

I understand the idea that the global trading post has a negative impact on the economy, but the current state of the game does not support the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlocal trading posts. The server population is much too low on average. The transport of goods between cities is not a problem, which means that the variety of resources in different territories is almost meaningless.

Dreams Via New World Forum

Is there a middle ground? Berlin, who has worried about the taxes of settlements, suggests that you could either buy / sell in the trading post or if the goods are external leaves, with an additional fee.

So every player would have access to all trading posts, but instead of paying travel expenses and to visit another settlement, the costs would rise in tales. Here Amazon also had a certain clearance as far as the balance of these costs.

How do you see the coming change at the trading post? Write it in the comments.

Not everything is running in New World. But the latest patch and announcement from the Major Patch in November have made good mood:

While some claim New World is dead, players say: Comes back, is much better now