England s coach Gareth Southgate took many changes compared to the 5-0 against Albania. Among other things, there was Dortmund s Bellingham or Smith Rowe, who was allowed to run from the beginning in his second international match. Continue in the starting eleven: Patrick scorer Kane. The Three Lions were almost certainly qualified for the World Cup before the game, but needed another counter for computational clarity.

No Ear Cheers by Maguire

Of course, the roles in front of the duel were indispensable — and just as the game was also. It only took six minutes, the favorite went through a head ball goal of Maguire. In contrast to the Albania game, the defensive man left the ear cheers, for whom it gave a lot of criticism. Only the Three Lions played in the 15th minute after an own goal by Fabric with 2: 0 in the lead, the home player had scanned Sagas s shot.

Kane: Viererpack in 15 minutes

San Marino could not keep up with the big favorite, after all, there was a degree of Nanny, for whom it gave powerful applause, but Rams dale was on the post (33rd). Otherwise, only England played, which got a trade meter, as Rossi got the ball to the hand of the complaint arm. Kane turned centrifugally (27.).

The attacker was really hot before the half: first he marked the 4: 0 (31.), then the Spurs striker by penalty (hand game of d Dario) put the 5: 0 after (39.) and laced as already against Albania a coupe sleeve hat trick. But that s not enough in the first passage: Kane met a fourth time (42.), made for the 6: 0 half-time and had shot four goals within 15 minutes.

Record for Kane

Kane also got a record: he had shot 13 goals for England in this calendar year — no one managed. Previously, three players managed to shoot twelve goals within one year: George Wilson (1908), Dixie Dean (1927) and Kane (2019). In addition, Kane is now with 48 hits for England together with Gary Lineker in third place of the scorer list of his country. Sir Bobby Charlton (49 Goals) and Wayne Rooney (52 matches) are ranked before.

Premiere for Smith-Rowe — England at the World Cup

After the break, England was initially trying. There were still opportunities: Abraham initially left a big opportunity (56.) before heading perfect for Smith Rowe, who shot his first country playing gate (58.). It was already a clear affair — and from the 68th minute and the traffic light card against Rossi, San Marino was also a man less.

The majority used the English to three other hits: Ming s met at the attention by head (69.), Abraham switched from rotation (78.), and Aka worried with a header of a few meters 10: 0 final score (79.). At the level of 8: 0, a goal of Bellingham was still withdrawn, as Abraham had previously committed a foul. With this edge victory, the Three Lions booked the ticket for the World Cup 2022 in Qatar. The Englishmen conclude the group I with 26 points and unbeaten in place 1.

Harry Kane Hat -Trick San Marino vs England 0-10 All Goals & Extended Highlights - 2021 HD
Still a few numbers: the English brought the highest victory since 1964. Besides, the Three Lions equalized their record of 20 unbeaten games in series, which has existed between 1890 and 1896 before.