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Already the Early Access Release Battlefield 2042 the gadget was disabled by one of the 10 specialists of the game. Now it s back in the game — and still significantly stronger than it should be.

What is this for a sign? The 10 specialists from Battlefield 2042 all bring up unique skills and gadgets that are only available to them.

The specialist Santiago Dozen Espinoza brings the SOB-8 sign as special equipment. This is a spherical poor shield with viewing window, which is actually intended for the storm about buildings and narrow streets.

What was the problem? To release Battlefield 2042, this sign was disabled because he has made problems. In some cases, Dozen was simply invulnerable, even if he had not equipped the shield.

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With the patch of 16 November, Diver received his sign. The original problem does not seem to be available anymore, but too strongly the shield is still working.

People s shield blocks tank grenades without problems

What is the problem now? How a user shows on Reddit, the SOB-8 sign can currently withstand a direct impact of a tank grenade. Even if this is a direct hit:

As can be seen in the clip, Dozen is completely unmolested two explosions and rivets an opponent again. That is certainly not planned, because tanks are among the ultimate weapons in Battlefield 2042. Actually, you can even turn off the ridiculously strong hovercrafts and get helps with a targeted shot out of the sky.

The Current State of Battlefield 2042
The SOB-8 shield certainly offers less armor as a combat helicopter. Another player, however, notes that this bug obviously does not always occur. He himself also played against a dozen and fired on him with a tank. Then his opponent had been destroyed as planned.

Will the problem be fixed? Currently there is no reaction of the developers on the shield. Only a problem with rubber banding is in progress (via However, there are currently a number of other difficulties, including many acquaintances (via

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One of the most annoying problems is the (scatter) of some weapons — especially the assault rifles. These are extremely imprecise due to so-called blooming. The developers are already working on a solution here, but there is no date for the patch yet.

The actual release on 19 November should also give a day-one patch. What is exactly in this, then developer team has not yet revealed. However, fans hope for a long list of patches and bug fixes. There are already complaints in many places:

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