Although there have been many and very good news regarding the competitive future of League of Legends in Spain, very few have been up to the announcement made by IAI Llanos and Gerard Piqué with respect to training of his own ESPORTS club. A new team for those who promised a gigantic presentation that has now been revealed and that will be carried out with a preseason game in which the new organization will face Carmine Corp.

The great presentation promised by IAI and Piqué


Both the creator of content and those responsible for Carmine Corp have carried out the announcement: A friendly confrontation between both organizations will be organized in which all the novelties of both for the new season will be presented. A gigantic face-to-face event in which IAI LLAMAS and Gerard Piqué will carry out revelations as the name of the team, their logo or the template and that will mark the first step of which it promises to be one of the great international rivalries of the League of Legends competition.

The event will take place on next day December 15 between 19:00 and 23:00 at the Paley Sent Jordi of Barcelona. The event will be open to the public with a free admission and there will be a total of 15,000 locations available for amateurs. To make with them, we must make the reservation on the Ticketing website corresponding to the presentation and confirm our assistance during the week prior to the event.

Carmine Corp has become the second level giant of the European League of Legends. The French organization managed to win on two consecutive occasions the European Masters being the first organization that has taken the tournament on two occasions. A success that has caused a reconstruction now that many of its players have attracted the attention of the great European clubs and that has led to many of them to dispute LEC next season. A rival to the height that could be reinforced by the signing of Reckless and will put the international success very complicated to Piqué and IAI Llanos.