Platonic Games is a British independent video clip game developer. It was founded in 2014, and it is composed practically totally of former participants of Rare.

Genre: Golf Platformer Developer: Okidokico Publisher: Platonic Games Platform: Nintendo Switch, Windows Release: already available

The golf game has learned a real renaissance in recent years. In Indie games like Golf Story and What The Golf? The genre was linked to role-playing elements or Mario goods-like absurdity. Also, at Mario Golf is long the party factor in the foreground. Who makes everything too hectic, which can focus on beating and infilling with a Little Golf Journey — and explore many beautiful worlds.

What makes A Little Golf Journey so special?

A Little Golf Journey of developer Okidokico and publisher Platonic Games is a golf platform. What does that mean? In small colorful worlds (which remind of the pretty Diorama Level from Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker) aims and tends a ball past various obstacles to the destination banner. You will start your golf-free for example in a lake landscape and suggests the ball over water and treetop. You are neither a racket nor a game character, but only the ball and a line that describes your flight curve. The levels will gradually become more complex: soon you have to beat your ball on flying platforms and even navigate through nervous sci-fi worlds.

With his completely judgment-free trial again! — Attitude a Little Golf Journey sets the focus clearly on the meditative effect of Golf. You should try out, land in the water, bounce against stones and start from the front. So it s not a competitive golf game that follows the official rules of sport. Rather, it s about to overcome obstacles and find a way to the destination. So the game is more reminiscent of Platformer like Super Mario 3D World or Play tonics Yooka-Laylee bouncing, in which you also hop through different levels and reach a destination at the end. Only that you do not control a character in A Little Golf Journey, but suggests a ball.

The charm is not the complex gameplay here, but the pleasant level and sound design. Your ball sucks into the water, plopping against walls, rolls and balls the hills down: With these soothing sound effects, A Little Golf Story also works a bit like Golf ASMR, such as gentle and satisfying sounds, for example crackling bubble wrap.

A Little Golf Journey is not a pure relaxation game. Although there is no classic point system, but you will receive stars for as little strokes as possible. If you finish a level with only two beats, there are, for example, four stars. If you need three or four beats, you may only receive a star. These stars clear new areas of the Overwent. So motivate the game to return to Level and collect all the stars with particularly clever strokes.

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For whom is A Little Golf Journey interesting?

A Little Golf Journey is rather platformer as realistic golf game. Therefore, it should please all players in search of an optically high quality and relaxed 3D skill game. Especially in later levels in which your golf ball balances through complex systems, the game sometimes reminds of titles like Super Monkey Ball.

So the game does not attach to the new trend of absurd golfs like What The Golf, but is an untrained golf experience that remembers the beauty and the tranquility of the game. So if you are looking for a possibility to gamble without high score, time pressure and flashing lights, then a Little Golf Story looks even more closely.

Lukas Wassermann

A Little Golf Journey proves that there are no frills for a good golf game. The game knows exactly what makes golfing so special. The focus is on the rest and the concentration, accordingly meditative is the gameplay. I really like that the game on 3D platforms such as Mario 3D World and 3D land oriented, including Overwent and the motivating hunt for stars. This model simply works — and if the worlds are so chic, then it does not matter if you lead Mario, Yooka-Laylee or just a golf ball to the destination.