Paper Mario: The origami king has introduced a unique new combat system that takes some classic elements and meets it with something completely new. One of the new elements is, as the fight is divided into two phases, of which the first focuses entirely on them and the enemies encased around them into the circular combat trait. However, they have not infinitely a lot of time here, which is why they need to accelerate their decision on the placement. This can be stressful, but you can add time here, and this manual will describe how you can do this.

To add extra time to the Line-Up Timer

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At the beginning of each battle in Paper Mario: The Origami King you have to set up the enemies in a certain way to attack them most effectively. Your goal is to avoid being attacked as often as possible yourself. Therefore, it is always a good thing to try to turn off many at the same time.

However, this first phase of the struggle is determined in time, which can be very difficult. If you want to make sure the enemies are in the right place each time, you may be able to use the entire time you have. However, if you are just before leaving, you can add more time to the timer.

If you want to add time in this phase, you must either press the + button to add a second or hold it down to extend the time. For each 10 coins you pay, you can add another second to the clock. This can really be a big deal if the struggles are becoming more complicated because they need every second they can get. Just feel free to add time when you need them, as coins in this game are quite common in this game.


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