There are more and more companies of different entertainment formats betting on NFTs (or non-fungible goods) and video games are not at all the exception. During the last giant weeks of the sector as EA and SEGA, they have pronounced themselves in favor of their inclusion, although with nuances, while in Steam the Games with NFT has come to ban. About this debate has been pronounced Phil Spencer, chief of Xbox, showing the doubts about how these content are being addressed.

Xbox head Phil Spencer is skeptical about NFTs in video games

There is a lot of speculation and experimentation [about the NFT Phil Spencer There is a lot of speculation and experimentation [About the NFT], the mandalas of the Microsoft Video Game Division in a chat with Axis. Some of the creations I see currently feel more exploiters than entertainment, he adds. However, Phil Spencer rule sides to generalize about these types of products while considering there is room for not all games with NFT to be able to get money. I think we are in that group of people who are discovering it.

However, the Xbox chief wanted to make it clear that there is no place on their platforms for those NFT hatcheries. I think anything we saw in our store that we thought is an exploiter would be something about taking action. We do not want that kind of content, the Microsoft executive sentenced.

This interview with the well-known US information website arrives in the middle of the 20th anniversary of Xbox, which have been delivered this week with the beta phase launch of the infinite halo multiplayer, the publication of a teaser-trailer of The Halo TV series, as well as the disembarkation of new recompatible video games on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. As for the NFT, a few days ago it was Geoff Kafka, driver of the Game Awards 2021, who completely discarded the presence of these products at his event.