Grand Burglary Vehicle (GTA) is a series of video games developed by David Jones as well as by the Sam bros and also Dan House er. It was originally created by the British business MA Layout, which ultimately occurred to be called Superstar North, from the Rockstar Games company. Grand Theft Automobile informs the story of various lawbreakers and also if they are several, for a factor they are connecting as well as enveloping even more characters as time goes by. Usually the protagonists are antiheroes. It is taken into consideration a high video game in physical violence, so it is recommended only for youngsters old.

In the GTA Trilogy: definitely edition, there are not only highly strange rain and some really wild body prop tries, but also a curious wine. This currently ensures special amusement because the wine bottle is a 2010 year. But he appears in to Remaster of GTA: San Andreas and that should actually play in 1992. That seems reasonably strange and stimulates many fans to illustrate theories about time travel.

gta san andreas time travel

GTA Trilogy: Wine from 2010 appears in San Andreas, playing in 1992

Thats why: GTA 3, Vice City and GTA San Andreas are all published together again as a Remaster Trilogy in a so-called definite edition. However, the new edition of the cult classics for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X, Nintendo Switch and PC is not particularly good. Unfortunately, we can not report much positive about the GTA Trilogy in our tests and even have to pronounce a purchase warning for the switch:

GTA: The Trilogy in the test: Loveless Remasters who are not worthy of the masterpieces
By Warning: GTA Trilogy for the Nintendo Switch is a real crime

Fans amused by wine: In the Remaster version of San Andreas has now been discovered a very special wine bottle. At the well-visible the year 2010 in 2010. Actually, this would be something positive, as we learn about Redditor Trading Addict: Thanks to a very warm summer, a perfect vintage should be in 2010. But thats not what it is all about here. Because San Andreas actually plays in 1992.

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Time-traveling wine bottle? This means that we can do it either with an elaborated Easter EGG, which is about time travel, wine and perhaps also around Aliens, GTA 6 or Red Dead Redemption 3 — or the developer Inside the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition is simply a small faux pas.

Many fans on Reddit amuse themselves delicious and ask questions like that, whether nearby a DeLorean was spotted nearby. Or what happens when the bottle is shot: maybe a hidden level opens in which we turn into a chicken and flee to Big Smoke.

Asset recycling from GTA 5? More likely than wild fan theories to Easter Eggs sounds the possibility that the year was simply overlooked. Perhaps the Developer Studio Grove Street Games for to Remaster has adopted individual elements from GTA 5. This could happen. Redditor Loudsucc reports that a sweet and an Ebola machine from GTA 5 can also be seen in the definitive edition of GTA Vice City.

Have you noticed similar little things? What are you suspecting behind the wine?