Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Comic Coors were covered with sexual scandals, and more than 500 employees signed a petition for resignation, and the shareholder group also participated Overseas Media Washington Post It became clear by.

In this public petition, who signed more than 500 people in more than 5% of the entire employee, Bobby Comic, resigns Activision Blizzard CEO, and shareholders are asking for permission to choose new CEO without incorporating Coticks opinion increase. Cotick is a person who serves as CEO for over 30 years, but it is reported that the Wall Street Journal coverage has hides sexual scandals such as sexual harassment.

Strategic Organizing Center The shareholder group centered on the Investment Group is a letter addressed to Activision Blizzard, and in contrast to the past company statements, Bobby Comic CEO is a lot of sexual harassment, sexual assault, Despite recognition of sexism cases, we are not dealt with responsible executives and managers, and did not deal with hostile work culture. This letter of Australias retail fund Future Super owned by the companys stock NEW INVESTMENTS and Shareholder Association for Research and Education (Share), Australian womens fund Verve Super also signed doing.

Blizzard Bombshell! Employees Walkout AGAIN Demand Activision CEO Bobby Kotick Gone! Stocks Tank Bad

The Shareholder Group asked, not only Comic but also Bryan Kelly, a former director, and Robert Morgan, a lead-independent director. If these three people do not resign, we announce that we do not vote for the re-election of the current directors at the general meeting of shareholders held in June, and we have clarified it to other shareholders.

The Fill Spencer, who is responsible for Xbox, is reported to overseas media Bloomberg, and Leadership teams in the game industry are disrupted deeply and deeply bothered by this horrible events. He revealed that he was investigating about future relationships with the company as scrutinizing all aspects with Activision Blizzard and continuously adjusted. In addition, Sony Interactive Entertainments responsible for entertainment, Jim Ryan also received discouraging and stunned to say honestly.