Streamer er Kim Katarina Mi-Young has only been active on Twitch since May 2020 and already the Marooned woman the streaming platform. Over 56,700 users currently have a subscription for the channel of Katarina. Most recently, the streamer could attract especially through a Station heap viewers.

Meanwhile, Kim Mi-Young has been online since almost ten days. Each subscription as part of the sunbath, its stream extends by 15 seconds. Your transfer would be currently ending at night on Saturday — unless other subscriptions are added.

Who is Kim Katarina Mi-Young?

The streamer was already their first breakthrough in November 2020 as part of the Minecraft server of OffLine TV. Well-known names like Primate or DISGUISED TOAST are members of this group. In addition to the Just Chatting category Katarina has spent many hours with Valorant and Minecraft on Twitch.

Through the sunbath, however, their audience numbers have multiplied. While most recently the 5,000 users in their streams were there, the November average is already at 12,865 spectators. Other well-known streamers like Valkyrie or Ludwig celebrated the record together with Katarina.

Who holds the current subscription record on Twitch?

Similar to Katarina, Ludwig Ludwig agree organized a sunbath in April 2021 and was able to set up the all-time record for most subscribers on Twitch. Over 280,000 users have subscribed to the streamer. In Germany, the cheapest stage of a twitch subscription per month costs 3.99 euros.

Which streamer had the record before Katarina?

So far, the German-speaking Jane Silica with 52,992 subscribers was the Mastered Woman on Twitch. Well-known streets like Primate (30,700 subscriptions) or Amaranth (23,213 subscriptions) are clearly behind it. Both have not made a sunbath.

Source: Twitch tracker

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#1 Most Subscribed Female Streamer of all Time Congrats Miyoung With #1 Most Subbed Streamer Ludwig
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