Bayern Munich (Fuzzball Club Bayern Munich E.v.) is a German Omnivores club established on February 27, 1900, and based in Munich, Bavaria. The group has actually been playing since 1965 in Bundesliga and also is nicknamed Rekordmeister (in French: owner of the titles record ), he is one of the most entitled European club of the 21st century (2nd in the globe).
Obtaining its initial successes in the Bavarian Championships, the club swiftly wins in notoriety and wins its first national title in 1932. Knocked by the Nazi regimen as Jewish club, its advancement is slowed down up until completion of the 2nd Globe Battle. Subsequently, establishing participant of the South Oberlin, the club stands out by winning the DFB-Pokal, the German Mug, in 1957 however does not get approved for the initial professional champion. FC Bayern joins the Bundesliga in 1965 and is rapidly established in Candor of the Championship, consisting of four titles between 1969 and also 1973. Three-way European Champion of Clubs between 1974 and 1976, the FCB then wins an international card verified by a title in intercontinental area in 1976.
Ten times champion of Germany in between 1980 and 1999, champion of the UEFA Mug 1996 and three times finalist of C1 in 1982, in 1987 as well as in 1999, the club, then led by the former International Franz Beckenbauer verifies its leading placement on German and also global football by completing a global champions-cup organization in 2001. Writer of a national triplet in 2008 where he wins the Liga-Pokal, the DFB-Pokal as well as the Bundesliga, FC Bayern is again visible By winning the Champions Organization, the UEFA super cap as well as the Club Globe Cup in 2013, where the Club has gathered 9 consecutive titles of Germany champ, the last obtained in 2021. Bayern Munich likewise understands A terrific rivalry with Borussia Dortmund. Both clubs have actually met in a summit on top: the final of the 2013 Champions Organization won 2-1 by the Bavarians.
In 2020, despite the arrest that occurred from March till June, Bayern wins for the 2nd time in its background the tripled Germany-Cup Champions Championship Champion. By participating in the next period the super cropper of Germany 2020, the UEFA 2020 super cap as well as the FIFA 2020 Globe Cup, it equals the performance achieved by FC Barcelona in 2009 by winning all titles. A club can win in a fiscal year.

Ex-Board Chef Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has protected Joshua Cinnamon Skeptics by FC Bayern in the Corona debate.

I know him as reputable and responsible people, said Rummenigge in the program Sky90 on Sunday. The international will be a bit stigmatized.

The debate around the Unburied Gimmick is one, who annoys the club, Rummenigge said, Everyone tried to clean up the subject of non-vaccination and find a solution that has not been successful.

Possible salary cuts of the record champion for uncovered players would be a sign of the club, maybe it succeeds now according to Rummenigge.

However, the exclusive model character is not looking for football. If a footballer like he is concerned about vaccinating, then it is also due to the responsible politicians and scientists to clear these concerns. Those parts at least 32 percent in our country, said Rummenigge.

FC Bayern: Karl-Heinz Rummenigge speaks for vaccination

He was not a friend of being to commit, the 66-year-old, but probably there is only one solution, and the vapor.

Weltklasse als Stümer & Funktionär - 65 Jahre Karl-Heinz Rummenigge
With the players of FC Bayern there have been many talks on this topic. The result was seen in Augsburg. If important players are missing, then it also meets FC Bayern, said Rummenigge.

Gimmick had missed on Friday at the 1: 2-broke in Derby at FC Augsburg, as he had to quarantine as an unaffected contact person of a corona infected.

The most important statements from the SKY90 debate for reading:

+++ Michael Rummenigge to the master fight +++

For me, it is important that the Bundesliga stays long exciting. Bavaria would now be master for the tenth time, which has never been in the European top leagues. They are the Non-Plus Ultra. Of course, I would welcome the bowl times to get back to Dortmund. That will probably not work, but I have the hope.

+++ Kale Rummenigge about his desired coach at FC Bayern +++

I think you have to try to find a coach who needs to be good for the team. Jürgen Klopp would have been an interesting trainer, but there was never fit with the timing. Thomas Tuchel would have landed almost with us, which we have discussed intensively. He then decided on Paris.

+++ Kale Rummenigge about the best Bavaria trainers of recent years +++

We had three coaches in the episode that were crucial for many successes. First, Van Goal, who has laid the Red Thread in this team. He was not simple as a person, but important for the club. Then Jump Dances came with the If the Triple has won. Then, then Pep Guardiola, who was tactically outstanding. Also, Ottoman Withheld was important for the club.

+++ Kale Rummenigge about the master fight +++

Bayern Munich will be master again this season, Im sorry to say that. […] Bayern had this season two bad games: in Playback — that was underground — and on Friday. Bayern Munich will not be Allowed more bad game, I go out of that. Dortmund will be a heavy test bench, but in such games the team is burning.

+++ Kale Rummenigge via a Haaland commitment +++

Bayern Munich has Robert Lewandowski, who — Im going to win the golden ball to win the second ball. Robert Lewandowski is the benchmark, is not a better striker than him. He is a guarantee. Bayern Munich has Lewandowski, who is about Haaland. If you see the whole package financially, then this is a three-digit million amounts. That will be hard for everyone. You can not have Haaland and Lewandowski in a team. I can only pronounce a recommendation and thats how to keep Robert
+++ Kale Rummenigge via Zeus and Hummels +++

We were interested in Zeus in 2012, he then decided for Dortmund and did not get so many titles there. Jump Dances was our coach at that time, and he was interested in we had to accept that he has decided differently. But he is basically One of the assets at Dortmund. Mats now gives the impression that he does not come with the pace. Thats probably why he does not come to the train in the national team.

+++ Haman over the BVB +++

Hes captain if he is a successful leader, others have to evaluate. He is an excellent player, yesterday was one of the few assets. If I look at the BVB, but its Bellingham, who carries this team, but you can do not win these tight games forever, if you do not adapt the performance. They had a great game in Leverkusen, that was a football festival, all the other games were work wait. I have great concerns when I get to the next games against playersing, Wolfsburg and Bavaria think.

+++ Michael Rummenigge about the role of Zeus at BVB +++

He has already put my finger in the miracles after the game against Leipzig. There was really missing at all corners and ends. As a player and captain, he also has the duty to say what. He should definitely say about the EM drive. For him, it might not to play the World Cup from a health point of view. Now he makes again the crucial gate against Stuttgart, that was an important exclamation mark.

+++ Kale Rummenigge via the Alba outlet +++

This departure should not have to take place. Unfortunately, it has wedged slightly at which point is difficult to judge. We all did everything, but unfortunately the topic has wedged.

+++ Kale Rummenigge over the Augsburg game +++

You can not forget it was the week after the national team. Alphonso Davies played on Wednesday evening, just missing a bit. But I notice that the team in the domestic defense has not yet stability. The Stability Factor David Alba Unfortunately, was transferred to Real Madrid. Upamecano is a good player, but it does not have the dominance to lead this team.

+++ Haman over the Bavaria bankrupt +++

The Augsburgs did not really make themselves in the first games, they are holed in the defense. Gimmick is simply a leader who makes other players better. With Boating and Alba they lost other players who can do that. You need it in such Situations simply players who make others better. Hernández and Upamecano may be too busy with them because of the language.

+++ Michael Rummenigge about the Bayern defeat +++

I found it well that he was articulated. That is not the FC Bayern, as he can present himself. It was not predictable that FC Bayern loses the game against Augsburg, now the master race is open again, FC Bayern of course the degree of things is. With heart and passion and with power you can also beat Bavaria, that was an exclamation mark for the league.

+++ Rummenigge about the consequences of a new spectator exclusion +++

That would be financially a great harm. If only 25 percent is possible from the next game, the FC Bayern is damage in the seven-digit area per game. In addition, football is without fans trying. I experienced this over a year, it is Sad. Thats the much greater damage than the financial. The Bundesliga has already suffered great damage, how long she can do that, I can not say. But if we get a fourth wave, then the first clubs could go insolvent.

+++ Rummenigge about the beginning reproach +++

Thats illegal, if its true, what is being reported. I heard that he was already vaccine in Darmstadt. If Im confronted with such a reproach, then I would present the doctor who vaccinated me. Fake news is, I consider it unlikely.

+++ Haman via possible retention of salary +++

In Munich, it was always very generous when it was about that players receive victory bonuses when it came to the fact that other missions are needed. That the FC Bayern may now be withheld the salary, shows that the situation is serious
+++ Kale Rummenigge above to leave unvaccinated players outside +++

You can not demand from a responsible person like Oliver Khan to leave players at home. No one does. Not in Dortmund, not in Munich.

Players have always been an incredibly sensitive relationship in Munich to the executives. For example, for example, because of a punishment, one did not feel well, not because of the sum, but because of the relationship.

++++ Michael and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge via a vaccination obligation +++

Are you also interested in topics related to Kalle Rummenigge Games?

Michael: I do not believe that you will be able to get involved in football professionals maternity.

Karl-Heinz: Employees have the constitutional protection and that they come to. Even twice vaccinated people can still infect themselves and help that we have a problem. The football has the same topic as the whole society. The question is, the question is How we control Corona. The answer is probably in vaccination.

+++ Haman over the cabin +++

There are certain players who even go to the bosses to raise that players have vaccinated. What happens if that happens in April or May? If you want to go to the Champions League final and then there are there Big players in quarantine? Its about a lot of money. […] This is not a condition for the club. The clubs are all at the limit. We have too few vaccinated people. The stadium will not be completely filled until Christmas can. If you can cut the players to shorten the salary, they will do it too.

+++ Michael Rummenigge about the reaction of the team to Gimmicks concerns +++

The players are already discussing that. There are different hierarchies. There is Gimmick certainly belongs to the higher category, as Manuel new. He is vaccinated. And he will also try to convince him. It is certainly not easy for a team, its not easy for a team Makes something with a club if you always have this discussion and does not play the best player in midfield. The players will try to convince these guys.

+++ Kale Rummenigge About Gimmicks concerns +++

Gimmick is stigma stigmatized. If a footballer like he is concerned, then it is also due to the people, politicians, scientists, the concerns. If we have such a high rate of people who have concerns we have to convince with facts, It is needed to improve something.

+++ Haman about the Cause Gimmick and vaccine +++

Joshua Gimmick needs to know who paid him. He missed 10 days because See Corona had and because he had a private contact, which was infected. Thats something that suffers from other players. They lose victory bonuses, championship bonuses. It can not be that he sits at home for two weeks, maybe even loses the fitness and continues his salary. The Bavarians have any losses. He has a responsibility towards the club, to do that. The Austrians do that. We tried to appeal And still have a third of the population that is not vaccinated. But if that is the only way out of the pandemic, it will come to be excluded from the game business.

+++ Kale Rummenigge via possible retention of salary at Gimmick +++

Politics has enabled since November 1 that this is possible. If thats true, what the picture newspaper reports is that the club is to be understood that the club reacts. At the next game you can only use 25 To play a capacity. That is, from 75,000 spectators are under 20,000. Everyone tries to eliminate the problem, but it has not been done so far.

I know from secured source that many conversations have taken place. There is an internist at Bavaria, who is very involved. But the result is: it has not succeeded so far.

I know Joshua as a very responsible young people. Not for nothing he founded Weekickcorona. We have around 30 percent people in Germany who still have concerns. Not only at Bavaria but also elsewhere in the Bundesliga. There are concerns that should be concerned One try to solve so that we come to a quota that reaches a herd immunity.

+++ Kale Rummenigge about the bankruptcy in Augsburg +++

The defeat in Augsburg has several reasons. Above all Corona. One of the most important players was in quarantine: Gimmick. He is the central man, the pass man, the playmaker, who determines the pace. That lacks natural. It can not be a club on the World replace a player like Gimmick.

+++ Haman over the BVB +++

They manage to win well without playing well. This is basically a good sign. But you have to start playing better. Good that we have a thrilling title fight again until Christmas. But Ill stay: the BVB must stay improve. They are not stable at the back to win close games in the long run.

+++ Karl-Heinz Rummenigge via his brothers +++

To Michael: We had the last shared TV appearance in the eighties. Since then, we were no longer seen on television.

To Wolfgang: We had curiously, when I was 18 years old, an offer of the same club, of 1860 Munich. But we did not accept that.

+++ FC Bayern wants to keep salary of unpacked +++

Now it is serious about Bayern: At the German football record champion, the pressure on the unvaccinated professionals in the squad is evident: according to media reports, Joshua Gimmick and Co. are now at downtime. The coach is annoyed, the team should encounter the measure on a popularity. More here!

+++ Bavaria Flirt Like Locking of the record champion +++

After the completely surprising defeat of the Munich in Augsburg, the master fight is more open again. Brian: National player Karim Adam, which is courted by both the dealers and BVB, should have liked the bankruptcy. More here! ++ FC Bayern: setback in the title fight +++ Only the renewed Corona vortex around Joshua Gimmick, then a violent damper in the title race: A unclouded FC Bayern has after a turbulent country game phase by a disorders 1: 2 (1: 2) in the Derby at FC Augsburg Valuable counter in the master fight against the BVB playful. More here!