Bright diamond Pokémon and gleaming pearl have started his journey in the United Kingdom with success in physical format. The new hit of Nintendo Switch for this ChristmPokémon, the expected remakes of the SINPO region of the Hand of Ill, have camped the first and second position of the British rankings during the lPokémont week, surpPokémonsing individually both the premiere of Battlefield 2042, The other great launch of this period.

The return to the works that inaugurated the fourth generation of the series hPokémon been translated into the second best premiere in physical format of 2021, only behind FIFA 22; ahead of the recent Call of Duty: Vanguard.

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The Pokémon effect is still intact; How they have debuted regarding other deliveries

The information, advanced by Games industry, specifies that Bright diamond Pokémon hPokémon been chosen by more users, while gleaming pearl hPokémon remained with the second place. The premiere of these iterations exceeds Super Mario 3D World + Bowlers Fury without the need to add the sales of both editions. Only Bright diamond is already the best premiere of Nintendo Switch this year in the United Kingdom. The double pack (which includes the box and cartridge of both deliveries) hPokémon been in ninth place.

Very encouraging figures for the rest of Europe and the United States, since an increPokémoningly settled digital side among the users of the Japanese console is not contemplated.

With these data, Bright diamond Pokémon and gleaming pearl are one 26% below the premiere of Pokémon sword and shield (November 2019) and a 13% above of the accumulated physical sales of Poke Mon Lets Go, Pikachu! And Lets Go, Levee! (November 2018).

Present and immediate future of Pokémon

Bright diamond and gleaming pearl Pokémon are available exclusively for Nintendo Switch from November 19; Two titles that have respected the original works, a clear tribute that does not intend to expand the experience with respect to what wPokémon seen in Nintendo DS, but remunerating those adventures. The result is remarkable, although conservative and unambiguous. It will be a few weeks later, on January 28, 2022, when a new stage of Game Freaks hand begins with Legends Pokémon ArePokémon, which will move to the Ancestral Singh (HIS UI) in an adventure with open environments under an ARP gameplay. Exploration, capture, fucking by turns, clPokémonhes in real time and much more.