On November 24, 2021, the developers of New World have brought a patch on the game world during server maintenance, which carried out faulty calculations. It went with the patch around Tale reimbursements because of the previously Time skip bugs for New World for New World, where the server time is unplanned forward. What in turn resulted in that the heroes of Sternum had to invoke additional tale in settlements.

For the solution of the problem, in the eyes of the developers of Amazon Game Studios only one way: the New World (Buy Now €39,99) Rollback.

Why a rollback in New World?

In the New World Forum, developer Scot Lane explains this measure as follows: I want to briefly explain what happened. According to our patch today a separate database change in the EU was conducted to players since the publication of the Features in the game were affected by tax failures in the game, to grant tolerates. Through this database change, very high sums were falsely granted, which did not correspond to the intended amounts. Many players have spent this money and often bought large amounts of objects on the trading post.

As soon as we noticed the mistake, we took the EU worlds at 15:00 CET OFFLINE to find out what can be done to fix the mistake. When examining it became clear that there was no clean way, only the Players who had received money to correct because the secondary effects were widespread and many other players and systems concerned. Therefore, we decided to reset characters, companies and the trading post to 12:45 CET, so shortly before the database change was carried out.

Trading post again in focus

EU servers BACK UP with ROLLBACKS, EU trading post DISABLED,  ELITE CHESTS FIXED, and new world news

Problem has made the trading post, so the trading item is disabled until the error is cleaned up. But there are no items lost, as Lane emphasizes: To clear the clarification: Due to the deactivation of the trading item, no objects are lost. All objects that seem to be missing are restored after this data operation on the trading post.

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