Eintracht-Coach Oliver Glaser covered it after the 2-0 success in Freiburg the third victory in series — at the same starting eleven. Interledger was not fit again after his ankle violence, Patience was sitting back on the bench after a cattle muscle injury.

As an opponent, the Contract Antwerp faced coach Brian Prince, which in the league are ranked two in the Europa League to date but disappointed. The Belgians surprised something in the lineup, as their best scorer in the league, Frey (former Nuremberg, 14 league gates), rather across the wing came.

Ramada rewards the Contract — Angolan meets with lots of risk

Contract dominated the initial phase in the now usual 3-4-2-1, but without getting great for danger. The first attack then sat directly: Tuna strongly conquered the ball and continued to lead to Chandler, whose precise credentials made Canada recovered (13th).

Eintracht Frankfurt vs Royal Antwerp 2-2 Goals Highlight - 2021

Shortly thereafter, the guests who playfully found any means and only came across standards in front of the gate, after a corner a great opportunity: Trap wiped on the ball, then threw himself in the subsequent shot and defused his faux pas immediately (16. ).

Frankfurt has always found good switching moments and came well above all over the wings, the flanks mostly did not have a customer. And that should take revenge, because another corner, the ex-Mainz fishermen lifted to the criminal area, took Angolan Volley, his shot found by Nick composited the way to the gate — suddenly it was 1: 1 (33.).

Frankfurt was not shocked in front of 30,000 spectators and continued on, towards the end of the first passage also caused the degrees, but it only went with a draw into the catacombs.

From these guests came into a little higher, so the SGE offered a little more spaces. As in the first pass, the Contract everything under control, really appreciable but too rarely out — at least in the initial phase.

Böllerwurf, Var, two late hits — SGE not yet

Because then the fans in a negative sense were attentive: first the guest fans lit some firecrackers (61.), then a Bowler exploded immediately behind the gate of the guest keeper, this flew probably from the curve of the Frankfurter (67. ), Subsequently, busy had to be treated. Memories of the first leg were awake when a Bowler exploded from the block of Belgians directly next to Trap.

The game was barely backed up, the guest suddenly the guest seemed to be in the lead: After Fischer’s flank Stand Captain de Laet was slightly in the away, so that the Var collapsed the hit (71.). But even after that were the guests who now wanted the goal, the game flow was completely lost at Frankfurt.

And so it was not necessarily surprising that Samantha after presentation of Joker Alaskan Yusuf even scored the lead for the Belgians (88.). But that once again brought the last-minute harmony of the last weeks to the plan, Glaser moved his last weapon Valencia — and this stack, as in the first leg, in the detention time: Poetic brought his flank to the head of the Portuguese, the Ball Perfectly conveyed into the long corner (90. + 4).

Immediately thereafter, it was conclusion — but also with this late point gain. Because in the parallel game Olympiads spelled a victory, secured two — and can still overtake Frankfurt on the last match day. On the sixth match day, Frankfurt meets Fenerbahçe Istanbul, Royal Antwerp receives Olympiads Piraeus. The SGE is enough for a draw because it would win the direct comparison with the Greeks.