Blooms Tower Defense is one of the most popular Tower Defense games since the series made its debut as a flash game in 2007. At each episode, new features have been added that perfectly complement the simplicity inherent in the series.. In the last title of the series, Ninja Kiwi added heroes to the game. Heroes are special monkeys that have unique attacks and capabilities. Each hero is very powerful in one way or another, but players are only allowed to use only one part. Players must choose judiciously to survive the most difficult and cooperative levels. Here is our list of TD Blooms Heroes 6. Everyone is well worth the cost of unlocking and can save you in rigor.


Dora is a hero that inflicts high damage. It pulls sunlight flashes that make significant damage and can explode leaded blockers. As it continues to increase its damage, its scope and speed of attack all increase to make it the scourge of any blood within reach. Although Dora is a great DPS hero, it costs a little expensive. It costs $5,000 to unlock and is a little more expensive to buy than some other heroes. She can not reveal the purple blocs right away, but she wins the ability to do it at the beginning as it goes up. The biggest disadvantage of Dora is that it can not reveal camouflage blockers without the support of another monkey or other capacity.


This is the best hero for new players. It very easily cuts the lead blinks and inflicts fire damage to all monkeys within reach all 30 attacks. The Gwendolyn has a short range but a very high damage power to compensate. She has some really powerful AOE attacks that can erase an area very easily. In addition to all its other benefits, Gwendolyn is relatively cheap at $2500 to unlock. Its greatest weaknesses are that it can not hit camouflage floods without support and can not do purple bloc until it receives an upgrade at level 16.


Benjamin costs a little more expensive than the other heroes, but he is of great help at the end of the game. Benjamin does not attack the Blooms directly, but mainly helps players to extend their survival time. It generates extra money and lives over time as players can use. As it goes up on level, it acquires the ability to increase the damage to other monkeys and prevent the blocs from spawning children when exploded. If you are struggling with a particular challenge, Benjamin can facilitate the task in the subsequent steps and must be bought from the beginning. It costs only $3000 to unlock.

Admiral Brickell

Admiral Brickell is a water-based hero that is easily underestimated. Like most heroes, she has two different attacks. Its revolver attack usually inflicts low damage, even when it is fully leveled. Which really shines Brickell, it’s his minor attacks. Every two seconds, it distributes a mine in the nearby water. These mines last two towers and will tackle any Blood on their reach. This hero makes aquatic levels more difficult for children. It costs $5,000 to unlock.


Who is The BEST HERO? - ALL Bloons TD 6 Heroes Ranked!
Pat Fusty is the only melee hero currently available and is well worth the $3000 unlocking cost. PAT can be placed on Earth or in the water and is relatively cheap compared to some other heroes available. Pat uses slash attacks to crush the blinks. It can crush the lead blinks and as it goes up, it can stun and inflict a ton of damage to Moab. It is an excellent versatile choice for all types of players and all skill levels. The only disadvantage is that it can not attack camouflage locations without support and as melee hero, it has a relatively low scope.