Pocket Monster Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl ( Diploma Mike ) can now use Idea with Pocket of the item items. As a result, Medal and Mohawk is active as Higher personnel with remake source ( DARPA ) ( DARPA ) I just finished, I thought it was not really.

Speaking of Idea, learning to the Pokémon on your hand is a technique with the effect of acting on the tree and rocks present on the field. DARPA should have had fewer treasures that were useful because they can complement all Idea with two medals and Mohawk.

In addition, since the Pocket played its role in Diploma Mike, Hidden personnel seemed to be solved. However, when you start an adventure, there is a figure of Leader and Mohawk, which will continue to cooperate with the trainer with Idea, just there….

Hidden personnel to true partner (?)

First, the Pocket’s Idea Function is to have the wild Pokémon. In other words, even if there is no Pokémon who remembered Idea in the field, it is a convenient function that Hidenjii can be used in the field, but when using each Idea, Bipedal and Mukhawoke are most cases Is called.

Push the big rock with Kirk, make a cliff at Rock Climb, take a cliff, Sort to Take to various streets, Mohawk who ricks the fog with き ば. Even if they are not captured, they will run anywhere in order to help the trainer with Idea.

Also, speaking of Samurai, the impression of riding a type of Pokémon, such as Laplace and Whale, but, Dipalimike, of course, LIDAR. The figure of Medal swimming water while putting on the trainer is really surreal. In addition, using Sort in Name no, This medal will be left behind….

However, even if it is 15 years, it can be an adventure with LIDAR and Mukhawoke, but the point where you can feel nostalgic. It can not be said that it became true partner, not as a convenient hidden personnel.

Thank you for their dedicated support, enjoy the journey of Shinto Region !