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NHL 22 Two Germans among the Toty

Not only in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team (FUT) is published around the turn of the year the famous Tony Promo, NHL 22 also waits with hat specialized objects for the best ice hockey players of the runners.

Due to the centering of the international focus on the North American Profiling NHL, the diversity of nominated is once more manageable — two Germans are still in the pool.

Leon Driest and Philipp Grubber can hope for the leap to the Tony 2021. Driest also counts 2021/22 to the strongest offensive players of the NHL: 50 scorer points mean the shared first place next to Connor McDaid, his teammate at the Edmonton Oilers.

With 24 hits he is also top scorer of the ongoing season. Goalkeeper Grubber was nominated after the 2020/21 season for the Vein Trophy, which distinguishes the best goalkeeper of the NHL.

EA determines the Tony itself

In contrast to the FUTILITY, the final selection is not chosen by the fans and players, but from EA Sports itself. The decision will be communicated this year, on 31 December at 19 o’clock the developer wants to publish the corresponding special properties for hat 22.

Each of the six chosen has a Tony card that can be activated via packs or sets and the highest score corresponds in the course of the year.

A total of 32 players are nominated, including 15 attackers, twelve defenders and five goalkeepers. In the candidate pool, otherwise known names such as Alex Overlain, said McDaid, Austin Matthews or Victor Herman are located in the candidate pool. Recently, EA Sports and NHL had attracted attention by integrating the IIF and various competitions via update.

The 32 candidates for the Team of the Year in Hockey Ultimate Team (Hut). EA SPORTS

LEADER GAMING NEWS UND Everything from the world of ESPORT is available on early game.

Rank Analysis Sudden Attack

Diablo 2 rankings were aggregated by integrating Diablo 2 and Diablo 2: Reviews.

In the last week of 2021, the Majority did. To overwatch that was his competitor was achieved, and this week, he grabbed it at the FPS 1 in this week. When the foot of the foot in the foot, he can see that he was inherited the League of Legend (the following rolls) on the first place. In 2012, the roll was one of the domestic services, and it was one of the AOS expectations, and it was accelerated by the AOS expectation, and the funding of the domestic service, the E-sports promotion and steady update.

In particular, Riot Games thinks the E sports and games as a companion, and made the success stories of roll based on this. The foot of the FPS literalist, has also launched the E-sports league, almost at the same time, and the domestic also followed the same route. In the game, early domestic services, the anti-cheat program has been severe against the anti-cheat program Vanguard, but it has not been able to force the route for the role in the acceptance of the update and feedback that will implement the promise.

The direct competitor, which is a direct competitor, and the subsequent delayed new content supply was actually broken and the flow of power was falling this year. As an opportunity for reverence, the voice of the Ball increased the momentum, and this time, this time, it has shown the degree of firepower to exceed the evaluation of the evaluated survey that it is maintained for a long time.

서든어택 핵이 비싼 이유 [Sudden Attack]

According to Riot Games official announcement this year, according to Riot Games Official announcement, the number of Global users has a number of globes, Counter Strike: Global offenses. In the first year of launch, it is one of the most popular ridiculous attacks, counter strikes, as much as domestic and overseas FPS colons. In particular, in Korea, a lot of domestic FPS has disappeared, and the voices that have passed overseas have shakes the poor to shake the sole system.

Mecca ranking of 2021 games that dominated by the row

The topics penetrating the popularity of the game Mecca, including the Majority, who talked earlier, are compressed into ‘reverse driving’. Lost arc and Diablo 2 with a representative game to be remarkable. Roast Arc beats the 8th and 9th in the early days of this year, and the ranking was ranked in the beginning of March, and has set the TOP5 on the second half of the year. Diablo 2 has seen a sluggish flow in which it was a named in the midst of the 40th top, but it was in the top of the release of the remaster version, and it was in the top of the release, and took a role, and took the first place.

On the other hand, emerging fishermen that waving the ranking was not emerged. Odin: Ballard Rising, Lineage W, is a complete PC online new title because the base is a complete PC Online new title, and Altova is not a newbie that the resumed district. Lion, who has been expecting to expect among the new works, has been a decline in April, and after being pushed out for 50th in August, it is not possible to return to the current. We look forward to the currently waiting for PC Online New Year, which will launch next year, and in 2022, a large rookie will emerge.

In this week, El Sold rises for three consecutive weeks and soared to 27th. The new Epic Quest Story and Dungeon added to the 24th led to a good response, and on the 28th, the expectation was raised by revealing images that seemed to add Raven 4 line to the addition of Raven 4. The El Sold was expected to explode the user complaints for many years due to a professional reorganization in April, and that they were exploded for years and did not get satisfactory results after the conferences held as follow-up. It has been achieved a performance of theory as the end of the year, but it is a situation where the strings of tension can not be placed.

In the subordinate, each game was greatly staggered. Arnold Schwarzenegger was a short-awaited winter event with a signboard for two consecutive weeks. On the other hand, 9 stairs at the other hand, Get Embed, which is over 48th, and the Crazy Arcade Vienna, Alive, Making Hero, Siege, and Making Heroes, fell sharply and gave me a depressed year.

Games Mecca Online Game Popularity is a comprehensive game awareness and ‘game connection traffic’, which combines portal search quantities, PC room game access, game broadcasting viewers, and game mecca users.

No bottom Horngacher defends railway

He is not in a bottom of it, he is far away, said the chef coach from Tyrol on Monday in a digital media round. In Inselberg (Switzerland), the 30-year-old Bayer last occupied the places 27 and 35 and thus the dress rebuilt for the tour.

A bit of confidence was missing him. We worked on it. He completed the last unity very well, said Forgather about railway. The coach expects the triple world champion of 2019 and double world champion of 2021 not in his top form, but can introduce a return to the extended world lit.

He did so many good things. He has to start calmly and see that he makes two, three good training jumps, said the 52-year-old Forgather. The tour begins on Wednesday (16.30 clock / ARD and Eurosport) in Oberstdorf I’m Allan. Eisenbichler is the number two behind Karl Geiger in the German team.

on the subject: Tournee-Favorit Geiger: Feel the whole thing grown

Why China Has the Best Railways in the World

The schedule of the 70th four-headed tour

Registered Update 1 20 Patchotes Carlos Hurtado

1.20 Updating has arrived for antrum, and here is a list of all changes and fixes added to this patch. Update 1.20 did not make any major changes in the game, but it succeeded in making some smaller adjustments on some aspects of the game. Balancing the gameplay, without optimizing too many functions or mechanics. Everything is new with Enlisted Update 1.20.

Registered Update 1.20 Patches

Added personal profile function.
The mission name in the debriefing was moved to the center of the upper edge of the screen.
The height of the conquest point of the train in the Mission See low Heights (armored trainees) was reduced. Now you can not conquer the train while you are on the bridge over it.
Improved position of vehicles in the Mission Ver-sur-Mer (invasion) in the Company Invasion of Normandy.
Improved position of vehicles in the Mission Monastery (invasion) in the company Battle for Moscow.

This update will improve the play flow and the gameplay of each game. Now the players will have a cleaner and smoother experience with this user interface and small changes. In addition to the small changes, some vehicle locations were changed in the Mission Ver-sur-Mer and monastery. The developers have also reduced the conquest point in Mission See low Heights, so player will not conquer the point now while they are on the bridge over it.


Register is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S / X. For more information about this update, see the official enterprise website.

Xbox recommends updating the new X series

Ardor, also Star Wars: Ardor is an introduced Space-Opera series of Tony Gilroy, which should show up on the streaming portal Disney + from 2022. It is the Mandalorian and also its spin-off Guide of Bob Fat the third Real Series in the Fictitious Star Wars Universe of George Lucas. Generally function, Diego Luna will certainly be viewed as Caspian Ardor, which he had currently symbolized in the film Rogue One: A Celebrity Wars Tale (2016).

A couple of days ago, Nintendo shared a series of recommendations to prevent their servers from being saturated during Christmas. Now, Xbox has issued a similar statement, pointing out that, if you are going to give a series X | S, you better have you upgraded it from right now.

Larry HRB, Programming Director of the Xbox Live network, noted that all those who intend to give an Xbox Series X | S during these days, will be better to take out the console from the box, and update everything you need. In the same way, he mentioned that users do a similar process with all digital games that they think to buy. This was what he commented:

Microsoft REVEAL ALL NEW Xbox Series X Exclusive, Xbox Hardware Accessories & More

If you are giving a console to someone for the holidays, get it from the box, download and install the updates, so they can play even faster.

For Xbox One or X | S Series, and if they are subscribers of @xboxgamepass ultimate, they can also play games directly from the cloud before installing them, which saves time and storage space. Have fun faster than ever.

While Herb did not mention the reason behind these proposals, is quite obvious that this would avoid saturation on the servers during December 24 and 25, when surely many people get their first X | s series. On related topics, here you can check Nintendo’s recommendations about it.

Editor’s note:

While Xbox’s recommendations are useful, Christmas magic is to open the console for the first time, and if a child sees that the gift of it is already open, the feeling of Christmas will disappear a little. We only hope that servers can with the great flow of players these days.

The Game Awards 2021 audience number is 85 million people Other records such as the number of Award votes and the number of tweets are released

???? THE GAME AWARDS - 2021 Nominee Announcement with Geoff Keighley ????
Rakuten Group, Inc. (楽天グループ株式会社, Rakuten Team Kabushiki-gaisha) (Japanese enunciation: [ɾakɯ̥teɴ], stylized as Rakuten, is a Japanese digital commerce and online selling firm based in Tokyo, established by Hiroshi Militant in 1997. Centered around Rakuten Chiba, its business-to-many ecommerce platform as well as one of the biggest ecommerce sites on the planet, its organizations consist of economic solutions utilizing monetary innovation, in addition to electronic content and interactions solutions such as messaging app Viber, e-book supplier Kobe, and also Japan’s fourth mobile provider Rakuten Mobile. Rakuten has 14,826 employees worldwide, operating in 29 nations and regions, as well as its incomes totaled US$ 7.2 billion with running profits of regarding US$ 347.9 million since 2016. Rakuten is the main enrolled of the Spanish football club FC Barcelona as per 2021. It is commonly described as the of Japan. Its major investments consist of (now in the US), Price minister (France, now, IKEA, Triforia,, Weak.TV, Debates, Wiki, The Grommet. The company also has stakes in Ozone.Ru, AHA Life, Lyft, Cabin, Career, Carousel as well as Acorns.

Mr. Jeff Kerry, who serves as the Game Awards, has announced that the number of viewers of THE GAME AWARDS 2021 held the other day has recorded 85 million.

This THE GAME AWARDS has received a new title and expectation of new titles and expectations such as Alan Wake II and The Matrix Awakens, as well as the Game Awards. Yes.

Besides, the following records in Twitter and YouTube. It became a big event that closes this year.

Record the number of tweets on TGA 2021-1.6 million tweets

Mathematical Awards by Users-23.2 million votes

Total play time in YouTube-1.75 million hours

【PS5】 Elder Ring (preservation benefits Adventure Guide & Map Poster · Gesture Pose of Ring included)
~ ~ ¥9,240 ~ → ¥7,555



For spoken (Four Spoken) -PS5



The brilliant return of the two factors SK on representative of Choi Jae won

Choir Jae-won SK Group Senior Vice Chairman returns to the executive officer.

[PEOPLE] wife's thoughts on Choi Jae-won , 휴먼다큐 사람이좋다 20190917

SK ON, opened the board of directors and temporary shareholders at the morning of the 17th, and the senior vice president decided to appoint the Ministry of Corporation and each representative.

Choir, Senior Vice Chairman, shall carry out SK on each SK with the president of Jo yup. Choir, Chief Vice Chairman, took a growth strategy and global networking. The representative is responsible for the overall management. SK ON Board of Directors shall take advantage of Kim John SK Innovation, as shown in the past.

Choir, Senior Vice Chairman said, We will contribute to the expansion of the SK Group’s carbon strategy, accelerating the SK Group, the expansion of the global electric car and the battery service market.

Prior to, the ministry of Senior Vice Chairman was promoted to the senior vice president at the age of 47 in SK Group executive personnel in December 2010,

In March the following year, prosecution has been informed in the investigation of the SK Group’s non-mail and embezzlement. Choir, Senior Vice Chair, was arrested in December.

In January 2012, Choir TAE — won and the company, and the funds of SK Group affiliates returned 46.5 billion won, and the last senior vice chairman, which is applied for useful for optional investment, was finalized in the Court of February 2014.

Even behind the exemption, the ministry of Senior Vice Chairperson was applied for five years of employment restrictions on a certain economic crime, and has been in charge of the employment restrictions on October, and the restriction of job restrictions was expected to return to the management at the year of the SK Group.

According to the industry, Choir Sejong, has been a great deal of attention to the electric vehicle battery market. At his last five years of employment restrictions, the Ministry of SK E & S, which is a restarted officer of SK E & S, has been known to have a support for the battery business.

The senior vice chairman is a major event, such as a battery production plant such as Chungcheongsan, China Hangzhou, Hungary Kaboom, and US Georgia, We have poured out the interest and affection for each person.

Choir, Senior Vice Chairman, joined SKY in 1994 after the MBA course at Harvard University

All. He has been under construction, business planning, SK Telecom vice president, SK E & S, and SK Corporation.

Fans of Star Wars Eclipse protest against David Cage of Quantic Dream

Star Wars ([St Whiz]; Initially named under his French title, the Star Wars) is a science fiction world created by George Lucas. Initial made as a film trilogy departure between 1977 and 1983, the Legend then boosted, between 1999 and 2005, three new movies, which tell events prior to the very first trilogy. The last (episodes IV, V as well as VI) in addition to the second trilogy called preliminary (episodes I, II and also III) are experiencing a big commercial success and also a normally favorable important reception. In an issue for uniformity, and also to accomplish a result that he had actually not been able to get from the beginning, the Designer of the SAGA likewise remodels the films of his first trilogy, revealed in 1997 and 2004 in brand-new variations.
The copyright of Star Wars are purchased in 2012 by the Walt Disney Business for $4.05 billion: the seventh cinema departure of the Saga and the very first of the 3rd trilogy (episodes VII, VIII and also IX) is So arranged for 2015. The awakening of the pressure comes to be in the space of a month the most important business success of the franchise. It is complied with by the last Jedi in 2017 and the Ascension of Skywalker in 2019. Additionally, Disney and the manufacturing company Lucasfilm inaugurate in 2016 a series of derivative films organized under the phrase at Star Wars Tale, with the exit of Shape. One whose events are right before episode IV. If Disney reveals in May 2019 brand-new movies that will not belong to the Skywalker family saga, the workshop places their pause advancement after the blended reception of the last opus. The franchise after that activates the Disney + streaming system, released in November 2019 with the Mandalorian series, coming before other collection featuring filmmakers or computer animation, like Asoka.
According to the laws of the category Space Opera, the action takes place a long period of time earlier, in a really far-off galaxy and also is based on the struggle in between the knights Jedi and the Sith. The protagonist of the first two cinematographic trilogies, Anakin Skywalker, gives in to the temptation on the dark side of the force to come to be Dark Vapor, after that recognizes his redemption many thanks to the activity of his child, Luke. The 3rd trilogy, from episode VII, occurs 3 decades later on with a brand-new generation of heroes and also villains. The many representative, human as well as extraterrestrial personalities, made it feasible to launch some jobs of actors, including Harrison Ford and Natalie Portman. The universe has actually been decreased in different derivatives made or not under the aegis of Lucas: novels, comics, video games, television series, etc. The background of the collection is thus enlarged and also detailed by various media.
The globe of Star Wars is motivated by many cinematographic jobs (Serials, Western, Japanese cinema), however additionally literary (mainly from the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs, from Frank Herbert, from Joseph Campbell, yet additionally from Isaac Asimov and also Tolkien Jr) and actual historic realities. Subsequently, the globe developed by George Lucas has actually affected a generation of supervisors as well as contributed to the development of new techniques in the field of movie theater, especially with respect to assembly, audio effects and also special impacts. The world of Star Wars has been the topic of many apologies and tributes and gave birth to a large neighborhood of fans, which is revealed via numerous occasions such as the Star Wars Party.

Star Wars Eclipse was revealed to this year’s Game Awards. The entire franchise has received a positive welcome with its outings in recent years. However, it seems that the next Quantico Dream project is not the same.

The hashtag blackoutstarwarseclipse has recently become a trend on social networks. Apparently, it is a large-scale movement of the suite of the franchise. Fans tell everyone from boycott Star Wars Eclipse. People are not satisfied with the culture of abusive work and sectarianism within Quantico Dream. As long as the founder David Cage and his studio are part of the project, the vocal fans base does not want the game to be covered.

Star Wars: Eclipse BACKLASH against David Cage EXPLAINED! Why fans don’t want him involved!
David cage has a history of disgusting behavior, especially towards women and the Queer community, wrote Star Wars explained. The revelation of Star Wars Eclipse really excited me, but we will not cover the game as long as cage is involved.

Star Wars Explained is a social media that covers everything about the Star Wars world. We support the fans behind blackoutstarwarseclipse, they added.

Some fans of Star Wars Eclipse even criticized Lucasfilm, so you did not talk about the problem. There have been many fabrics Queer and marginalized in the world of Star Wars. That said, fans think that a partnership with a company such as Quantico Dream is not appropriate.

Head Lucasfilm, wrote a fan. Ton silence is deafening.

Apparently, many studio staff love Photoshop images of different colleagues in compromising, racist and sexually explicit situations. In addition to this, cage is also popular within the community for making inappropriate remarks about her female staff, qualifying jokes. He has also made derogatory comments against the LGBTQ community.

Cage was quoted for saying, In my games, all women are whores, and Chen Quantico Dream, we do not make games.

Will you play in Star Wars Eclipse? Let us know in the comments below.

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Nintendo Switch Online Add five more games from Sega Mega Drive to your catalog

It is over 2021, and December comes with news to Nintendo Switch online. The remodeling that the service of the Japanese company has had with its expansion pack has brought us this month the incorporation of Paper Mario, in addition to the announcement that Banjo-Kazooie will arrive.

SEGA Genesis - December 2021 Game Updates - Nintendo Switch Online

But we were missing news about the rest of the classics catalog, which not only has Nintendo 64 games. Switch online also has Sega titles, and from today they are available Five more Mega Drive games, with some prominent name That had sounded more than once among the requests of the players.

Games that are incorporated into NO:

We have a bit of everything and for all, so the nostalgic of the classical SEGA console will enjoy a good Christmas with titles ranging from 1988 to 1994. With them, the list of mega drive increases to 19 games, Although it will be extended over the months through new additions.

It is worth emphasizing that the expansion pack announcement did not feel very well. While Nintendo is reporting a good handful of benefits, the community of players has been very critical with the company. In addition, emulation problems have been experienced with some games, something that Nintendo has taken note of the future.

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