1. Bundesliga SUD was among the organizations that composed the Federal Germany Football Division from 1974 to 1981 and also was organized by the German Association of Football.

Recently reported Italian media that Ivan Perišić will not extend his contract at Inter Milan and instead aims to return to the German Football Bundesliga. His ex-clubs VFL Wolfsburg and Borussia Dortmund was said to be interested in this approach. A deal should meanwhile be moved in a long distance.

Ivan Perisic Compilation | Borussia Dortmund 2011-12

reported Italian Media set last reported the supposed interest of the wolves and BVB to Ivan Perišić and said the Croat that he is looking for a return to the German Overhaul. This is very different this sees reported Italian1 reporter Patrick Berger, according to which it will by no means come to a comeback in the German elite class.

Rather, rather conversations with Inter over an extension are to run, but Perišić can also imagine running for Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League.

At least the information about the extension of cooperation is not surprising. We are in exchange for a contract extension in exchange with [Marcelo] Robotic and [Ivan] Perišić, Inter-Boss Giuseppe Martha confirmed most officially.

Change to BVB? A rumor on toned feet

The rumor for a return of Perišić to VFL Wolfsburg or Borussia Dortmund seemed to be more on toned feet anyway.

Really realistic, whether of age and the certainly not small salary expectations of the 32-year-old were actually just a lending business in winter. In the summer, however, the clubs are likely to endeavor a more promising option.

For a change to London, however, the personnel speaks at the sideline. Antonio Conte Coach Currently Tottenham, but was previously coaches at Inter. 2020/21 belonged to Perišić under his leadership of the service providers at the Nerazzurri. In his first season in Milan 2019/20, however, Cone had not given the offensive player to the trust, Perišić was awarded to FC Bayern instead.