Players, the In call of Duty: Vanguard want to unlock everything, also collect the operator skins hardworking. The skins of an operator are currently puzzled — with annoying consequences. Mango tells you which skins to avoid you at the moment.

In Call of Duty: Vanguard there are several operators that you can unlock. With these you can make his character not only something personal, you can also race you. Among other things, new skins for the used operator are free. This is a unique selling point in particular in the MVP selection.

Exactly in this feature but has been an annoying bug since the release of COD Vanguard. Players have discovered a temporary solution while developers work on long-term error improvement.

What is the problem? Some Player of Call of Duty: Vanguard have been an annoying problem since the launch: Your game crashes without any reasonable reason. This crash always happens as soon as these players want to join a game.

Smart users on Reddit have discovered the reason of the crashes: The error occurs at players who use the unlockable skins from the Daniel Bats operator. (via Reddit)

Developer know the problem, players around

What is the solution? Until the problem is solved by the developers, you should avoid using the alternative skins from Daniel Bats. Whoever wants to use it, can use his standard skin. With that does not crash.

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This is especially important for those who want to race the favorite weapon from Daniel — the M1 Grand — faster.

How do the developers react? Sled Hammer Games, the developers of COD Vanguard, have this problem already on the screen. On Twitter, you recommend players to do the alternative operator skins from Daniel for the time being:

Until the developers fix the problem with a patch, you should avoid the operator Daniel Bats — or at least his alternative skins.

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