The Night of the Moth Update, which is now available for Fallout 76, runs the seasonal event Mottenmann equinox tie, Season 7 Zorro’s revenge and a variety of quality-of-life improvements.

Help the enlightened, a new sect of Motherland cult, and chases rival cultist high priests through the approaches to get rewards on Motherland cult, such as unique clothing and skins.

Look at the Fallout 76 — Night of the Motto Developer Video:

The Motherland equinox admonition

Night of the Moth Essentials Guide: 20 New Features & Major Changes to Know! | Fallout 76

In Point Pleasant in the forest region of the Appalachia, interpreter Clarence is waiting at the top of the Motherland Museum. After talking to him, players prepare for a complex ritual in several phases. Included ceremonial campfires, defend you against rival cultists and does other ritual tasks before the timer runs. Then return to the Motherland Museum and conjures the wise Mottenmann. Communication with the Wise Mottenmann offers the opportunity to get new themed plans.

Quality-of-Life enhancements

The night of the moth update also contains some quality-of-life improvements:

Plundering Middle Aachen — When corpses have accumulated, the option is now available to big these bodies in a range of masses, rather than having to browse any enemy.
Share of legendary prey — Vault residents who are not part of a team and see how a legendary creature dies in sight, can loot the body for some legendary objects.
Sharing Team EP players do not have to highlight enemies if they are traveling together with friend to count the EP. Every enemy, which a teammate defeats, grants the entire team EP, as long as it is in sight of the creature when it dies.
New rider in the Barmen — the new rider to the C.A.M.P. Barmen shows all new C.A.M.P. Subject plans that have been learned during a game session, as well as new C.A.M.P. Items activated in the Atomic Shop.
Pip-Boy caring — instead of rushing in the inventory, players can find their keys on the separate caring when they open the PIP-Boy menu under Miscellaneous.
Individual colors for the PIP BOY menu — Change the hue of the PIP-BOY menus with a new set of customization slides.
Ammunition anywhere — Existing ammunition sources, such as containers and enemy prey, have a chance to drop a small amount of ammunition for any currently equipped weapon.

Season 7: Forbes Revenge

In addition, the new season now starts 7 Forbes revenge. The former (and self-proclaimed) ruler of the universe. Dr. Zorro has never forgotten his blissful defeat against Captain Cosmos in the legendary race. Now he knows about revenge and is aiming for a rogue crew to help him to wipe out the captain using a tremendous war machine. Fallout 76 players can look forward to a new game board, new allies and many rewards beyond the place of 2009.