Cyberpunk 2077 is an action-RPG computer game in the initial individual established by CD Project Red, inspired by the Cyberpunk 2020 table function play designed by Mike Pond smith. The game has a Cyberpunk dystopic advanced globe in which exist together technology with a degenerate human society.
The game is marked by an especially long development, partly due to the fact that the studio creates the Witcher 3. At first introduced to go out on April 16, 2020, on Windows computer, in addition to on the Xbox One, PS4 and also the Google Stadia system The game is repelled numerous times till December 10, 2020, as well as will certainly release in 2021 on Xbox Collection as well as PlayStation 5 gaming consoles.
Cyberpunk 2077 receives a favorable essential welcome for its computer as well as Stadia variation. On the other hand, crucial technical issues are determined for Xbox One and also PlayStation 4 versions, which motivates Sony to temporarily get rid of the PlayStation shop game.

Hardly a game was associated with as many expectations as Cyberpunk 2077. The release then ran anything but round and pulled some huge controversy with them. Finish the game was a year ago, definitely not, but how does it look now?

If the phrase The hype is real ever had on hand, then at Cyberpunk 2077. It took several shifts already, so fans of marketing were getting tired and that is although CD Project Red padded in the area and not spilled. The release on 10 . December 2020 was then a major disappointment for many. An unfinished game, questionable statements to performance on last-gen consoles, the problems of exchange and in consequence of the removal from the PlayStation Store. In short, no one was satisfied.

Exactly one year later, we look at times when cyberpunk is level, where it goes and whether there are things that perhaps can not be easily patched.

99 little bugs in the code…

Okay, there were more than 99, and they were not small. Cyberpunk was to release a real bug fixed. Wilde animation issues (T-pose), colliding and exploding vehicles on the roads, airborne objects and the really fast cops Night City are just a few examples. Then there were also several game breaking bugs that made sometimes the game from impossible.

After a year of cyberpunk is still at the site a fair bit, though still far from finished. The same applies to the performance. On the PC Cyberpunk was already running the release relatively good. This was compared to the basic version of PS4 and Xbox One but also no great feat, there was the game virtually unplayable. This has now also changed, even if it is not recommended for the mentioned consoles still. On the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, it already looks much better on the next-gen consoles, however, runs the same version in a little better because the versions for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S has CPR 2022 postponed.


Cyberpunk 2077: Developers showcase the best involuntary bugs

Cyberpunk 2077: 1 YEAR LATER
Daniel Hartmann

DLC and expansion

Speaking of shifts: During the year 2021, the already very vague roadmap has changed. Technically CPR has free LCS delivered as announced later this year. These consisted of two jackets, a car and an alternative look for Johnny Silver Hand. These are meager additional content. So things like a New Game + or new quests come until the year 2022. The same applies to the first paid extensions, in which many a similar format as the The-Witcher-3-ons hope. But even that comes next year at some point, the ominous multiplayer mode we will not even begin.

One is clear in this analysis: CPR had the most time bug fixes and performance improvements last year to invest and barely had time to work on anything new. It is still waiting for work this year, to bring the game to a level that it should give an idea at least have had to release. The expectations should only time not be so high. CPR must also regain the lost confidence. Perhaps even then the share price follows.

What about the actual game?

The controversies surrounding bugs and performance in my opinion came to the substantive discussion with Cyberpunk 2077 too short. A year ago I was like many nights before the PC and wanted to start right away. I am neither a graphics fetishist, yet I bite directly into the keyboard when times an animation does not do what it should. But for me the many problems have marred the gameplay experience that was for me one more reason to return after one year again after Night City.

This return has confirmed to me several things. Cyberpunk is a good game in the core and just in side quests to River, Pan Am and Judy some really compelling stories and characters. But most bothers me is still my own character. The life paths feel still hollow at and Vs development is as a figure not even externally instead.

Cyberpunk 2077 offers several outputs for the story:


Cyberpunk 2077: All the ends and the Secret end — activation conditions

Christopher Banner

The lives should be the basis for the character. Unfortunately, all three paths are handled in no time. The phase in which V of his or her origin as Nomad, Corps or street kid becomes a Hardened or a mere and the relationship could be represented to Jackie is then wasted in a fast motion. In the end of life a few different dialog options remain. There would have been possible.

I can not even give something identity through a look. Once created, there is no way to change the character and in a world in which external modifications play such a big role. I wanted to make my Corpo-Drecksau-V to a stylish mercenary with Katina, who optically kept its group-style style, but now helps people instead of using them. Although I can most of the good v by Night City stripes, but look like a walking old clothes collection with kitchen knives, because this equipment is the best I have right now.

Of course, I could collect resources or eddies and make cool things and buy, but it takes a bit. I have a bio-chip in the head, which reissues my brain, should mean, my character does not have forever time and the Open World Kills the told time already enough. Cyberpunk is still a role-playing game, right?

2021 was even more going on as a bug fixes at Cyberpunk. What we enthusiast about is here:

Cyberpunk 2077 is slowly in a state that shows which game is behind all the bug and disappointed expectations. There we find great stories, giving away potential and the realization that there is still a lot of work needed, but the way seems to be correct.